A penalty target that makes Germany second in the European Championship qualifying

Poland was in favor of Portugal and needed a goal not to become a leader in the European Championship qualifying. Arkadiusz Milík became a Toronto hero when he was punished and scored.

Portugal, without Cristian Ronald, has already been the winners of the A3 group in the national league competition and the result on Tuesday has a good chance of losing in the tournament.

Poland moves down to Division B, but with a draw, the Poles become the first place in the draw to qualify for the European Championship.

At the same time, Germany is second in the goal gap.

The score became 2 – 0 at 34 minutes into the game, Renato Sanches from Bayern Munich finished off against André Silva, who crossed the goal of Wojciech Szczesny into the longest corner.

Poland threw the match and was dangerous after 37 minutes. A pass to the side pulled the defense out of position which let Tomasz Kedziora slip through on goal.

After 62 minutes, Arkadiusz Milik of Poland fell in disarray. He had to complete the goalkeeper himself, but Danilo caught him in the Naples star and tore it. The referee had no doubts and gave the referee the yellow card. Milik scored
in the penalty spot, but the referee did not agree with the result, because the Polish player was sixteen before the shot.

Milik again set off and threw the ball into the same corner at 1-1. Just ten minutes before the end, Poland was at Piotr Zielinski, but the end of the 24-year-old was stopped by Beto in a Portuguese cage.

There were no other goals, and Poland is pleased to continue to be the first draw for the European Championship qualifying.

The semi-finals of the national leagues are played in Portugal in June 2019.

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