Additional anxiety also for e-Niro


POPULAR: Kia Chief Irene Solstad can say a very long list of reservation holders for e-Niro. (Photo: Morten Abrahamsen / NTB /)


CHARGING PORT: The e-Niro charging port is a place where you will find a Niro-based hybrid drive. (Photo: Morten Abrahamsen / NTB /)

The new Kia electric car, e-Niro, has a good range and a relatively low price. This becomes problematic and popular.

"It's a car that has been waiting for a lot," says Irena Solstad, Kia Bil Norge's CEO, when Kia e-Niro shows up for the first time in Norway.

Something he's right about. To date, they have 6250 crowns, who have paid 7777 crowns to be on the reserve list.

Solstad could also reveal the Norwegian award, which will cost 377,400 crowns for the best version – which will be the first edition of the car.

E-Niro has 451 liters of luggage larger than Golf, and Kia's representatives say it is considerably larger than the Kona electric car brand Hyundai, which has a lot of the same technology. It will also defend a higher price.

But e-Niro faces the same problems as Kona and before them electric cars, namely the relationship between supply and demand in Norway.

"Before the new year, there will be 100 cars available to dealers as demobilists and then we will start delivering customers during the new year," says Solstad.

He'll have time

The importer expects to collect a total of 2000 cars next year.

"If you're on the list now, you'll probably have your car by 2020," he says.

The 64 kWh battery gives the vehicle a range of 48.5 miles in a relatively realistic WLTP cycle.

Solstad did not hide the fact that she wanted to get more specific information from the factory, but it turned out to be difficult. She also said that Norway is an important supplier country.

"We are one of the four priority countries, along with France, Sweden and the Netherlands, and they are the only countries that have introduced this model this year.

Currently, e-Niro is not supplied with a hanging bracket. This will be tested in the winter and may come after some time.

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