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Also physical copies of "Metro Exodus" dropper Steam

( This week, an unexpected announcement was made that Metro Exodus launched Steam in favor of the new Epic Game Store – just two weeks before putting it into operation.

Those who have pre-ordered the game through Steam will still play the game, but Deep Silver has now agreed with Epic that all PC sales will go through their new game shop ever since.

The game remains exclusive at Epic for one year.

This was not well accepted by customers who no longer have Steam as the platform of choice.

He will come modest that those who have previously ordered a physical copy will receive an epos code along with the game – despite the promise of the Steam Code when they ordered the game in advance.

Several customers say how businesses are constantly informing customers that the game car contains Steam code when running.

Many others claim to cancel or cancel the game as a result of switching from Steam to Epic.

Others are interested in how long the publisher knew about the swap without informing customers and think the timing of such a short run is suspicious.

Some point out that they are engaging in misleading marketing and still a Steam logo that dominates marketing materials at the time of writing – and the Steam logo is still on the website, which also refers to pre-orders.

The "Exodus Metro" was released on February 15th.

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