Avisa Nordhordland – Cricket year for the superpopular Lothepus

(BA): After retreat, "Farmen" wrote a book about Loth, in addition to stopping concerts and performances of various species.

Odd's Cowboy had $ 6.7 million in revenue, even though the music he can offer is not for everyone.

The winner of "Farmen" has a fortune of 6.4 million.

This year comes Lothepus with a book called "Lothestrikk".

That would be his own promoter in connection with the Knarvik Center earlier this year in connection with the opening of Ullveka. But Lothepus, who had worked on Haukeland on Friday, had to cancel for health.

Lothepus is very popular in Nordhordland and many of them are likely to be happy with Oddy's return.

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