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Champions League semifinal: Tottenham-Ajax – 20 months ago Rosenborg was better than Ajax

  • Tottenham-Ajax 0-1 t

HERJET MED Tottenham had a bell in the bar in the second half before the break and traveled home to Amsterdam and to the second half of the semifinal with a goal that could quickly send them to the final in Madrid.

Ajax did it again.

All clubs, big and small, have something to learn from this club.

FOR 20 MONTHS because, specifically in August 2017, Ajax lost 1–0 at home and 3–2 away for Rosenborg in the Europa League game. Yes, André Hansen played two of his best matches, but it was still the Netherlands against Norway. Today Rosenborg is the latest in the Elite series, a league that is ranked 29 UEFA.

Ajax has one leg in the Champions League Final.

AJAX IS ADVENTURE a story about a club that does everything right. When he was in the world when the Netherlands was the world's best football nation, the club was the best in Europe. Today they are the best small club outside the five major leagues. And that's all the other clubs at this level dream about, what they are talking about and try it without success, which is the club's success in Amsterdam.

Crystal clear philosophy and business idea outside the playground.

Equally clear on the pitch.

Intrepid access to the game, regardless of time and place.

Ajax is Ajax and he's good because they're Ajax.


DA REAL MADRID he was defeated in Santiago Bernabéu in the eighth final, Ajax became the Champions League sensation this season. In the duel for the quarterfinals, along with Porto, he was one of the two rivals for the big clubs' wishes. And when Juventus was parked in Turin on his way to the semi-final against Tottenham, Ajax suddenly was all that modern football needed in the competition with the deepest pockets of the game.

Good team based on good ideas, good traffic and good development.

Team created through philosophy, not money.

NOW IS IT Not that Ajax fought the economy. Their talent is too good for it. They make gold and sell it for diamonds. Compared to Rosenborg, they are rocky.

AJAX HAS ONE plan and know what they do. Call it a stable course. And when the season ends and the team wins one, two, three or no titles last month, the team that gave Volleywood Planet a completely new understanding of what is possible only if you work well enough to be dissolved and sold for several billion Norwegian currencies .

At least.

One of them, Frenkie de Jong midfielder, a 21-year-old who has managed to a large extent all the tasks you give him, is already ready for Barcelona for € 75 million.

That's almost 750 million NOK.

WHEN THE SEASON IS In Norway, training of elite series usually goes to England, Spain and Germany to visit large managers in the biggest clubs. It is stable and educational. This is always helpful with filling. But for clubs such as clubs and businesses, it doesn't help that top sports management go to the big ones to fill their own tank.

When the coach disappears and he always does it, he takes lessons and experiences from the door.

Therefore, NORWEGIAN should Club leaders and academic managers go to the Netherlands, look at the model, learn about the model and if possible implement an element or tree. Ajax proved that they know what they are doing and that in the season as 2018/2019 they can compete with the best. I am not saying that Norwegian clubs can get there first, most likely never, but it should be possible to be wise in the least.

Probably there is a lot of Ronny Share and who has to learn the most from Pepa Guardi and Jürgen Klopp.

Norwegian clubs, on the other hand, should learn as much as possible in Amsterdam.

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