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E-SPORT: Norwegian Casper "Hunterace" Notto won the World Cup in Hearthstone

There is no success in the Norwegian e-sport that can be compared to what the youngster Casper "Hunterace" Notto achieved in Taipei. He himself took from the hardest group in the group stage, the playoffs against the greats, such as the American "bloody" and the Chinese "SNOW". And after the huge final, he is now the world champion.

Finale čas

Illustration: Blizzard

In the final he met with German Torben "Viper" Wahl, who fought hard for Norwegian traps. The settlement had everything – Notto won an important first round with Rogue against Viper's Zoolock. He survived again with one health point and took the first step in the best of the 5th finals. In addition, players followed each other tightly and evenly until we got what can be considered a fight of times recently for Hearthstone – "Hunterace" aboard the Control Shaman against the package "Viper" Zoolock.

The German decided to keep a much debated Arch-Villain Rafaam card at the start of the game, suggesting that the Germans will have a chance in the last round and try to win only with the legendary cards in their deck. This is a very risky game, but with a big profit if you come across the right card. Some time, the German drew the most delicious of the beautiful cards, and gave Oslogute to test this decisive battle for the World Championship title.

It all hit the last two "Viper" cards, but fortunately for Hunteration, the German didn't take the cards he needed to match the game. So, the Norwegian crowns with the World Championship title and a cash prize of $ 250,000, which equals ca. NOK 2.2 million.

– It's totally unreal

After the finals, we saw a very emotional and happy Casper Nott who finally won what he had worked so hard in recent years. On the extremely traditional question of what he felt after ensuring success, he said.

hunt race
Casper Notto can finally raise the trophy before the rest of the world elite, called the World Champion Screenshot: Jørgen Pedersen

– It's a very unreal, last round that was extremely intense. It was such a sick way to get here, and winning this tournament is so great for me, that means so much, I'm incredibly grateful.

Notto breathes relief and gains applause from all of the world elites in Hearthstone, who receives a trophy that symbolizes the Norwegian boy Casper Nott, who is the winner of the HCT World Cup.

Below you can see the whole final day. Hunterace's game begins at 08:55:20.

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