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The case is updated.

Equinor has decided to phase out operations at Sture in Øygarden on Thursday. The stop comes after the flute, Helge Ingstad and tanker TS Sola, collided with the terminal on Thursday night.

The Commission docked at 09.30 that the tenax tug was also involved in the crash.

Sture workers who are not prepared for the emergency will be evacuated. Stopping and evacuating is done as a precaution, says Equinor.

"Now we have a quote when a frigate has been gathered in our area, which means we will stop the Sture," said spokesman Elin A. Isaksen at Equinor E24.

He explains that they have decided that seven people will want a standby organization on site, but that other workers will be evacuated.

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– No immediate consequences

"As a result, it is not working at the moment, and we will not get our oil, and there are no immediate consequences," Isaksen explains.

He says he will not be surprised at how long the shutdown lasts.

The collision occurred Thursday on Thursday. There were 137 men aboard the frigate and 23 men in the tanker when a collision occurred.

On Twitter, the main rescue center in southern Norway reports that eight people were more easily injured after the incident. Everyone should be connected with the defensive frigate.

All the persons on board the ships have been evacuated and it is planned that the tanker will return to the dock. There are no reports of leakage from the tanker.

"We have been told to escape from the frigate, it should be a helicopter fuel, but we are not aware of the extent of the leakage, and we do not know how much potential it has for the fortifications," said Deputy Director Johan Marius Ly Coastal Administration.

Tanker Sola TS is owned by the Greek shipping company Tsakos. The ship was delivered to shipping last summer and immediately entered the lodge for Equinor. It is not yet known whether the ship was in charge of the company when an accident occurred.

The ship was built on Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries, a Romanian shipyard. The ship has a length of 250 meters and has a registered home port in the town of Valetta, Malta.

Tenax is owned by a Norwegian shipping vessel for maritime navigation. The ship was built in 2006 by Astilleros Gondan.

The Hearing Commission confirms on Thursday's website that they are conducting post-collusion investigations.

An important oil port

Sture Terminal is an important oil harbor and runs oil pipelines from a number of North Sea fields. Among other things, oil comes from the areas of Equinor Oseberg, Grane and Svalin. In addition, there are also oil from Lundin Petroleum fields of Edvard Grieg and Ivar Aasen.

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Sture Terminal Northwest of Bergen

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Sture Terminal Northwest of Bergen

According to Equinor, the factory has docks capable of accommodating up to 300,000 dead tanks, and Sture has five storage halls in the caves where it can store more than six million oil tankers, as well as large caves where it stores LPG and ballast water.

There are more than 200 oil tankers and LPG tankers every year.

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