FOOTBALL , IN M – Argentina with a staircase against the world championship

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Argentina football team in football is on its way to the next year's World Cup final in France. Panama was 4-0 in the first intercontinental game.

Argentina has become number three for Brazil and Chile in the South American qualification, Panama number four for the United States, Canada and Jamaica in the Concacaf qualification. They are on a world championship in two matches and Argentina has a clear lead before the return fight in Panama City on Tuesday.

Mariana Larroquette and Eliana Stabile gave Argentina two goals leading to a break in Buenos Aires suburb of Avellaneda. In the second place, Yamil Rodriguez and stable winning margins have always increased.

The team that wins in total will be the 20th qualification for the World Cup final. A few hours earlier, the Netherlands or Switzerland became the 19th European tour.

The last four places come in three African teams and one in Oceania. Their qualifications must be completed by 1 December, one week before the final draw in Paris.

These are the already prepared World Cups, Europe: France, England, Italy, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Germany.

Asia: Australia, Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand.

Concacaf: USA, Canada, Jamaica.

South America: Brazil, Chile.

Norway qualified as many people as possible for the 8th World Cup final match by winning its group in front of the European champion in the Netherlands.

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