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He has been criticized for eliminating competing parental control applications. Now Apple is responding »IT newspaper

– It's not about competition. It's about security, Apple claims.

During the weekend, Apple was heavily criticized for removing many applications similar to the iOS screen application. Developers have accused Apple of killing competitors by removing applications that either do the same as Screen Time or offer much more features.

Application developers lose their livelihoods: – We expected some courtesy from Apple

Unique article

It was an article by The New York Times that accelerated the debate. Eventually, however, it turned out that the US newspaper missed the publication of a full statement that Apple said in this case. This article The New York Times seems united. The article simply did not provide a complete picture of the case.

For Apple, it has shown some good reasons to remove several applications that Apple Phil Schiller explained in an email to Macrumors readers. The content of the email was otherwise the same as it was sent to the New York Times.

Phil Schiller's answer puts the case in a new light

Apple with official statement

Apple further commented on the case. In a press release, Apple repeats much of what Schiller wrote in an email.

«Unlike The New York Times this weekend, it's not about competition. It's about security“Apple repeats itself.

According to Apple, several developers offering similar applications, such as Screen Time, have used MDM technology that allows a person to control multiple devices at the same time. Companies say it poses a risk to children, which threatens their privacy and privacy.

The complaint started in 2017

One of the reasons Apple has been criticized is that the company started removing parental controls at about the same time it launched its own Screen Time application. Was it random?

Apple now claims to have begun investigating the abuse of MDM technology in early 2017 and updated its app evaluation policies in mid-2017.

Difficult without MDM

Applications that offer the same (or more) feature, such as Screen Time, may continue to live on the App Store if they don't use MDM. But that is also where many things lie; MDM is a must-have to offer the functionality that these applications offer today. Leaving this technology means that these applications are largely limited.

Apple does not address this issue accurately in its statement. However, they write:

“In this category of applications and in any category, we are committed to providing a competitive and innovative application ecosystem. There are many incredibly successful applications that offer features and services similar to our own applications in categories such as news, maps, emails, music, browsers, pictures, notes, contact apps, and payment systems. We are committed to providing these applications where they can succeed by improving user experience for everyone »,

Maybe Apple may be running an API that offers similar features without MDM, but that's just speculation at this time.

Read the complete Apple press release here.

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