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Scientists from the Norwegian Public Health Institute read the records of 549 children under the age of 12 who were diagnosed with ADHD.

In four out of ten records there was a mismatch between the diagnosis that was placed and what was written in the diary about the child.

"We can not confirm that these children do not have ADHD, but what we read in magazines indicates that they do not meet the diagnostic criteria," says Dr. Pål Surén, a researcher.

Pål Surén

RESEARCH: Pål Suren and ten other scientists read medical records for children with ADHD. Many would probably not have a diagnosis.

Photo: Ola Hana / NRK

Physicians diagnosing a diagnosis often investigate other possible explanations when the child shows signs of hyperactivity, impulsivity, and concentration problems.

When scientists compare the professional environment, there appear to be great differences that can only be explained by different views of where the list of ADHD diagnoses should be added.

In Western Agder, only 1.4% of children were diagnosed at the age of 12 years. In Hedmark this figure is almost four times higher than 5.5%.

They have the most diagnoses in the country

BUP on Hamar welcomes children from the immediate surroundings with difficulties that may indicate ADHD.

Head of BUP Hamar, Ingvild Aasen

SUITABLE: Ingvild Svenkerud Aasen at BUP in Hamar says they can better deal with the diagnosis of ADHD.

Photo by Lars Erik Skrefsrud / NRK

Here they explore and map problems, talk to children, parents and teachers, and make tests. Then evaluate the diagnosis and prepare a treatment plan. Some children take medication.

Ingvild Svenkerud Aasen, head of BUP Hedmark, is aware of the fact that he is one of the most frequently diagnosed ADHD in the country. The danger lies in concluding that ADHD is thoroughly investigated for other reasons, he says.

He tells them that they are now working for improvement.

– ADHD diagnosis is discretionary. Deficiencies and concentration difficulties are something that children without ADHD have.

Professionals are fighting

Psychologist and former child counselor Reidar Hjermann believe that many children now receive diagnostics of ADHD in Norway.

Reidar Hjermann, psychologist

REIDAR HJERMANN: – Diagnosis of ADHD can cover difficult things in children's lives.

Photo by John-André Samuelsen / NRK

He even knows examples that experts considered to be ADHD symptoms, later emerging as a trauma to violence.

– The diagnosis of ADHD can cover difficult things in children's lives. Responsible adults should concentrate on discovering what is happening at home rather than looking for what is wrong with the child.

Diagnosis on the wrong basis may have serious consequences for children, says Hjermann, can put them in the stalls, affect their self-esteem, and if the diagnosis hangs on them, they can later exclude them from certain jobs with high safety.

In addition, drugs may have side effects, in some cases children become flatter.

"In a few decades, we will look back at the time we live now, as we treat a large proportion of the baby population, and give them a diagnosis that creates more problems than it has helped." I believe, says Hjermann.

Shan Arve

Children on pill: Ritalin is one of the drugs used in the absence of other measures.

Photo by Lars Erik Skrefsrud / NRK

Requires clearer instructions

Scientists at the National Institute of Public Health believe that experts across the country need clearer guidance than today must to diagnose ADHD.

"ADHD is generally a difficult-to-diagnose diagnosis, and it is even more important to be careful when investigating," says Pål Surén.

She does not know if there is too much ADHD diagnosis today, because children with serious problems with hyperactivity and concentration failure have a good effect on medication and other measures.

"We are concerned that the diagnosis is being used properly and that they are the right children to get it," says Suren.

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