Here a Norwegian pop star meets the Duchess Meghan

In October, Norwegian star shooter Sigrid Raabe (21) announced that he sang for Queen Elizabeth (92) and other members of the British Royal Family in London. And when she was yesterday for a charity concert "The Royal Variety Performance" in Palladi, London, she was proud of the scene in front of several celebrities.

The Duchess of Sussex was also present during the show. Approximately half a year ago, Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (37) married Windsor, and he managed to co-operate with several official missions. Yesterday, there was no exception when they were sitting at the Queen at a great concert.

Other artists, such as Rick Astley and Andrea Bocelli, were also on stage at night. On the other hand, it was what happened after the concert that caused many Norwegian hearts to knock. The Duchess Meghan took the time to talk with all the artists, including our Sigrid.

star Meeting

The artist, who has created a clean table of singles like "Do not Kill My Vibe" and "Strangers," has become a popular favorite abroad. Maybe it's not so weird that she received an invitation to a multi-hour show. Recently, she has been very busy in Europe and spent some time in Britain.

TEMPORARY BEGEISTRET: It is not easy to tell who was the biggest for this star meeting. Photo: NTB scanpix
TEMPORARY CONFIRMATION: It is not easy to tell who was the best star meeting. Photo: NTB scanpix
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Her songs are at least as famous as at home in Norway, and the memory of the popular talk show "The Graham Norton Show" may have contributed to it.

On Tuesday afternoon, he was unable to see and listen to Sigrids Geir Luedy manager. She did not write anything about her appearing in the social media. However, the video of the extraordinary meeting was sent by Instagram, a bogus bill that clearly shows how tense sunbathing precedes a meeting.

While the Duchess Meghan speaks to a person next to her, she smiles widely and looks forward to the 37-year-old. The traditional observation, which is the duty of royal meetings, is also in place.

– More in the heart

Kongehusekspert in See and Obey, Anders Johan Stavseng, says this meeting is great.

Sigrid sang into the heart of Meghan during the annual Royal Variety in London. While Sigrid was on the scene, Meghan and Harry lit the lights in the royal room. After the concert, Sigrid Hilse won Meghan and Harry, and Meghan seemed to be perfectly happy with the beautiful Sigrid sand, he says, and goes on:

"You can not hear what Meghan says to Sigrid in a clip, but the Strangers artist's answer seems to have six of Meghan's dice!" The Ålesund girl is a terrestrial type, like the Duchess of Meghan, and there are not many of the Norwegians whom Meghan saluted, and Sigrid is probably the only Norwegian artist who sang for the duchess, he says.

The show will appear on TV a month and will be broadcast all over the world. According to TV 2, it is considered to be a Christmas tradition in more than 50 countries.

After the spectacular event, there were many foreign media who noticed anything other than a meeting of Norwegian artists. Several people thought you could finally see the Duchess's growing infant nutrition.

EVENTS: The Duchess of Meghan's Spirit is getting bigger. Photo: NTB scanpix
GROWING: The Duchess of Meghans is getting bigger. Photo: NTB scanpix
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It is not known at the time of Duchy, but the announcement is expected to come in the spring of 2019. In recent weeks, the baby's birth image of Meghan has become increasingly visible, and several duchesses have highlighted a small bull.

Short dress

It is no secret that as a member of the British royal family there are a number of rules to be observed – also about dressing.

It seems strange that she and Dukeess Kate, in an otherwise controversial family, spend a much shorter gown during pregnancy than usual.

Dukeess Kate had on several occasions a dress that showed a lot of legs and her knees, and now Meghan does the same. According to British Express, it's all about focusing on your feet and hands.

MORE: When Harry and Meghan landed in New Zealand, the Duchess chose
MORE ACCEPTANCE: When Harry and Meghan landed in New Zealand, the Duchess chose "little black". Photo: NTB Scanpix
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HIGH QUALITY: In March, just one month before Prince Ludwig's birth, Kate had a mint green dress with long dresses with a matching coat. Photo: NTB Scanpix
pregnant: In March, just a month before she gave birth to Louis, Kate had a mint green long-sleeved dress with a matching coat. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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The website says that the popular Dukeess Kate brand is pregnant and Seraphine and the newspaper should be talking to creator for the clothing brand Cecile Reinaud.

Express said that it is always appropriate to emphasize the hands and feet so that the silhouette remains in pregnancy.

"Kate certainly does," she said.

"On several occasions, her dress over her knees, which she never usually uses, continues.

In addition, Reinaud points out that Meghan has also recently chosen shorter clothing during a tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand.

He has to follow other rules

According to Business Insider, it was previously known to be considered a violation of the royal apparel protocol, which shows, regardless of temperature and weather royal women should wear transparent pantyhoses, writes the site.

Meghan has repeatedly shown that she is walking in her own way, and has also barked her, among other things during the tour, recently, during the official announcement of the contract last spring.

As previously written by Se and Hør, Meghan had to undergo a number of changes to become a member of the most conservative royal family in the world.

And although we came to 2018 and the European royal house is constantly being modernized, the 37-year-old man had to find a number of modest changes.

Colorful nail polish should be something that Meghan had to say goodbye to Glamor. Queen Elizabeth (92) apparently swears that colors such as pale pink or leather paint when nails are to be painted, something that Meghan copied later – even at her own wedding.

Also, with regard to hair, there is a discussion about what a royal hairstyle looks like or what it looks like. For example, Meghan was criticized when she appeared in March with a more relaxed hair knot – rather than a strong variation. Dresses that show too many thighs, bare shoulders and necklaces are other things that are probably on the list.

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