Julia Roberts: – After 19 years, the feminist model is hiding. Now it will reveal what really happened

Many people remember the image of world-renowned actor Julie Roberts (51), from the 1999 film to Notting Hill, when her hairy armpits appeared as she raised her hand and waved fans and photographers on the red carpet.

For years, the film was pulled out in a number of contexts, and many of them appeared as the first star to flourish the feminist message to remove the taboo theme around women and bodies.

In recent years, some celebrities have decided to put the razor on the shelves and let their hair grow.

The image of Julie Roberts received massive media attention – both positive and negative battles. Now, 19 years later, she revealed that she had never realized she would create subtitles after a starry night.

– He revealed personal things to me

It was simply the loss of a hairy armpit.

"I think I just did not understand the length of the sleeves – combined with a twist and how these two things will go together and reveal personal things about me," she said during the promotion of her new series "Homecoming" at the Busy Tonight talk show, according to the US Weekly.

Hair Awareness: Youtube user Denise M has released other videos of colored hair under his arm. Video: Denise M / Youtube View more See more
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Again, she emphasized that she had never intended to speak a feminist message.

"It was no news other than showing that I was human on this planet for me," she said.

Talkshow Hostess Busy Philipps (39) is not able to conceal being surprised by Roberts' revelation.

"I thought it was so cool and" punk rock, "she said.

Today, however, it is a matter of course that more and more stars hit the red running or other celebrity events with visible hair under the arm.

Miley Cyrus (25), Drew Barrymore (43) and Cate Blanchett (49) are examples of the winners who have chosen to download a razor.

Incarnate attitude

In 2015 Masters student Elise Løvereid wrote in Dagbladet's Chronicle where she met taboos that women are involved in everyday life. There she wrote that the look of hairs today is the direct result of porn culture.

"Like choosing between trousers or skirts, your hair will not make you less feminine, and feminists want you to have a real choice because beauty can not restrict or define you," Løvereid wrote.

The following year, Norwegian star shooter Aurora Aksnes (22) attended the Oslo Eye festival with the hair under his arm. She told the audience that she had saved two weeks and proudly showed the result.

– Not much to boast, but it is a littleThat's what I can get. I think it's a bit nice, Aksnes said in a video posted 730.no.

Fashion expert Marianne Jemtegaard once told Dagbladet that in society there is a deep stance that women should be moving under their arms.

"When women get their first hair under their arms, we train them to remove them, and we learn that there is something scary, dirty and ugly in the armpit, which is not true at all," says a fashion expert at the time.

– They're inspiring

In 2016, according to Mashable, the theme #LesPrincessesOntDesPoils has become popular in social media, meaning "princesses also have hair".

Here the series of shots was shared by French girls showing their hairy legs and armpits. It was 16-year-old Adèle Labová, who for the first time called her Instagram account to postpone women's bodies.

The message was to show that it is not unusual for women to have hair on their bodies and that there is nothing wrong with showing it.

Thousands of women have plunged the trend that has been around the world.

Last year, American blogger Morgan Mikenas also shared a video on YouTube showing results after dropping the shaving machine for 12 months.

"I'm trying to stop all people from shaving and legs, I just want to inspire others to embrace their natural beauty," she said in the video, adding:

"Imagine if all of them suddenly decided that" Today is the day I receive and love every part of my body because it does me, who I am. "If you stop taking care of what others think, it will lead to greater peace of mind and make you feel better in your own skin.

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