Julie Grindbakken and Oskar Johansson

OSLO CENTER: Last year, "Paradise Hotel" participants Julie Grindbakken and Oskar Johansson revealed during the "Pærry Preika" of Se and Hora that these two were more than friends.

During the last night at Paradise Hotel in Rockefeller in Oslo this month, a duo on the spot revealed "Pærra-Preik" to become a girlfriend.

Now Johansson confirms that, on the other hand, the couple got to each other. He revealed Se and Hør during the premiere party for the eleventh season "Paradise Hotel".

– Yes, it's over. Besides, I have no comment, he says.

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FEW: "Paradise Hotel" Julie Grindbakken and Oskar Johansson reveal that they are more than just friends.
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– Good tone

Johansson and Grindbakken found the tone when they were both participants of last year's program release. Both of them remained in touch with each other even after staying in Mexico where romantic feelings arose.

– We have a very good tone at the hotel and we have to meet when we return home. We were probably more than just friends, Johansson Se and Hør said last year,

Grindbakken and Johansson, on the other hand, were not the only participants of that season who found a tone inside a luxury hotel.

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– AS SEARCH: "Paradise Hotel" Newa Reza and Julie Grindbakken smoked at the top of each other in the hotel, but the friendship between them was developing from outside.
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He got to himself

Erik Anders Säter and Ingrid Fosså Aguiluz also discovered that Se and Hør had become friends. In July, however, he announced that the relationship had ended.

"Yes, there is an end between me and Erik, and I'm so sorry to write it," he wrote Aguiluz on his blog and he further explained that sometimes it is difficult to have a public relationship.

Johansson is one of the past, as well as the new "Paradise" profiles that were invited to a party in Oslo city center tonight in connection with seasonal awards.

AND THE WINNERS ARE: Leo Faa and Julie Grindbakken won the most votes in the final of this year's "Paradise Hotel". It was a "legend" of Kristian René Johansen, who decided everything. Video: Television 3 / Thomas Rasmus Skaug / Ingrid Cogorno
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