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Kanye West cancels Coachella – Awakens insight into the impossible demands of the festival

On January 3, Kanye West (41) – or Ye, sometimes called himself – was announced as a title for the Coachella Valley Music Festival, which takes place annually in the Coachella Valley in Colorado Desert, California.

But two days before, the West manager, the founder of the festival, Paul Tollett, contacted a somewhat unorthodox statement:

Instead of appearing on the main stage, he asked Tolletta to build a huge, specially crafted dome in the middle of the festival.

The house was designed by West Permanent Designer John McGuire and his only function would be to host a Western concert.

That's what Billboard says.

The case continues below.

The only problem is that the claim can not be fulfilled until April 12, when the festival ends. In order to accommodate megapolis, the organizers had to reorganize the entire festival complex and remove a large part of the festival's toilets.

This informed organizer Goldenfield about the irritability of the West. According to Billboard, he replied that "he is a creative artist and he should not spend time discussing the festival trips." He should then say that the weight of the festival is the responsibility of the organizer before suddenly standing up.

The case continues below the picture.

SUPERPAR: Both the rapper and his wife Kim Kardashian (t.v.) tend to harvest criticism and create subtitles in the media. Photo: NTB scanpix
superp: Both rapper and his wife, Kim Kardashian (t.v.), tend to reject criticism and create headlines in the media. Photo: NTB scanpix
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– They can not cope

The West was the reason why the scene was too small for the planned show. Goldenvoice argued that he is one of the largest in the country in North America, and artists like Lady Gaga and Beyoncé took part in it with hundreds of dancers and musicians.

The organizers apparently disagreed. The West did not sign the concert, and before the day ended, Tollett turned to Scooter Braun, the founder of the SV Projects media, and was in talks to replace Ariana Grande.

Less than a day later, reservations were confirmed.

Braun even completed his collaboration with the West in December 2018. According to Fox News, the reason was that West was "impossible to deal with as a manager."

The West and Grande will soon be questioning Twitter.

– Yeah, I know grown men are now arguing online but Miley (Cyrus, ed.) And I just released a new, beautiful song, so it would be brilliant if you could do it for a couple of hours so the girls could get some attention . Thank you, Grande Grande, with reference to West's quarrel with rapper Drake.

This is Rolling Stone.

Great show

This is not the first time the festival replaces the patrol in a short time. In December, the band Tame Impala replaced artist Justin Timberlake after the Timberlakes tour dates were changed.

The West's participation in the festival has been planned for several years, but only shortly before the announcement that the Westman's management team contacted the order to request a mega dome. The dome would be far from the main stage and should be big enough to suit the western audience.

The scene will be in the middle of a dome, with an audience on all sides. Video projections and other advanced scene effects were also planned.

The Ambiente will be at the top of the former scenario of the West flying tour in 2016 and a floating glass box shared with Kid Cudim, artistic colleague at Tyler, the creator of Camp Flog Gnaw's curatorial music festival last year.

The case continues below.

LITTLE CANYE: During a speech that Donald Trump held for the "Young Black Conservatives" on Friday at the White House, he welcomed Kanye West – we are very grateful to him, said the president. Video: AP
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The dome is neither obvious nor unique. According to Billboard, the West had exactly the same conflict with the American Festival Governor Ball Music Festival, where he was to be released because of the same impossible home demand. According to Rolling Stone, the festival denies that such a claim has been made.

2019 is the 20th anniversary of the Coachella festival and, according to Billboard, tickets were sold out for six hours. Other Coachella artists include Reggaeton Bad Bunny, rapper Pusha T, singer Janelle Mona, and K-Pop Black Pink.

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FUTURE PRESIDENT OF THE USA: Rapper Kanye West stole the show during this year's MTV Video Music Awards when he announced he would be a US presidential candidate in 2020. Video: Reuters
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