Kristoffersen understands whether the eruption period occurs

Hirscher is older than 29 years old, but recently became a dad, and at the same time, he is interested in having an extremely impressive career over the next period.

Henrik Kristoffersen is five years younger, but understands whether Hircher decides to leave. In the last two seasons, Hirscher and Kristoffersen were the world's best-selling techniques in the World Cup circus.

Hirscher was the best.

Henrik Kristoffersen does not know what ends with Hirscher's part.

"I'm very confident, I've been running a world cup since I was 17 years old, just like me, and if you've been winning the team for seven years, I need it, I can watch it if it decides to make it public, I have a little bit more information than the media in general, but I think it's 50/50 if it goes on or off, "said Henrik Kristoffersen at the NTB in Sölden at the end of October.

There were runners who managed the Grand Slam, but the weather ended the traditional opening race in the World Cup.

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Hirscher is a god in Austria, and Henrik Kristoffersen is not the same. Does Alpine skiers have a different level in Austria than in Norway?

– How are slalom and grand slalom runners when they are two pieces that are much better than others?

– Of course I should be alone on top. That's the most beautiful thing. This is what we are trying to do all the time, but at the same time, Hirscher is one of the best at all times. It is in a duel and a comparison with him a privilege. At the same time, of course, I try to beat him and there are many others who want to laugh in the winter. It's been six months since we competed and we'll see how it goes, "Kristoffersen said.

– Can you approach him?

– Yes, of course I can, but if I can do it this year, it will take time to show it.

Romerikingen says he is well prepared for this season. Before Sölden he stayed on the technical side for six weeks in Saas-Fee. After Sölden, there was a waiting place in Salzburg before the trip to Finland took place on 4 November. First training in Levi, then in Sallo and then again in Levi again on Sunday.

"It looks pretty good, it's just time to show how well I get.

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Marcel Hirscher is popular to win the world championship together, but Kristoffersen also wants to fight him and this year it may also be necessary to test the super-G on the World Cup –

"It's 99 percent sure I'm saying super-G in Bansko (Bulgaria) .I was practicing a little super-G, three days super-G with Leif (Leif Kristian Nestvold-Haugen) and one day with the fast boys, and then it will be four to five days of speed when we come to the United States, and then we will look, "said Kristoffersen.

Kristoffersen drove speed disciplines when he was younger but not after entering the World Cup.

"That's what I've been driving since I started in the World Cup, it's not that difficult to move, but you have to rightly prefer, and I've been training the super-G to get more speed tolerance for the big aldermen.

The Norwegian star shooter is convinced that it is wise to practice versatility.

"There is a lot of slalom specialists there, but in the past three years, the two best slalom slots were the two best, almost at least in slalom and grand slam, and that may have to do with running only one branch thanks to broad professional training can help in several industries (© NTB)

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