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Lørenskog disappears: The police are looking for Langvannet

NEW SEARCH: Monday's new search for ships and dogs in Langvannet directly at the property of the couple.

FJELLHAMAR (VG) The police are currently conducting a new investigation into the property of Hagen and Langvannet. In addition, they will do a search in a pond that has not been explored before.

When searching for answers to what happened Anne-Elisabeth Hagen (69) When he disappeared last October, yes police now a new search.

Within 14 hours, the police have a ship on Langvannet, and there is a dog in the boat. The police are looking for a part of the water that is outside the residence of the couple.

Tell us

Several police officers are placed around the water to make sure that people are not too close when searching on the ground.

In addition to searching for Langvannet, the police are conducting additional guided tours owned by the Hagen couple and will apply for Vesletjern, which has not yet been investigated.

The waters are located on both sides of the couple's property in Sloraveien 4 in Fjellhamar. The long water is right next to the hotel, while Vesletjern is a few hundred meters away.

– Investigations under way. They are not triggered by new information in the case, says Police Inspector Tommy Brøske.

VG asked the police for the background that the police are now applying for Vesletjern. Refer to press release.

Tomorrow is half a year since Anne-Elisabeth Hagen disappeared from home. The police said earlier that there was no sign of life coming out of it.

Searching with a dog

The police say the search will take up to three days and dogs will be used to search for crimes. Kripos helps eastern police district with dog search.

– Dog tours are carried out when extending previous visits to and near the site in Sloraveien and Langvannet, and could not have been done earlier, including snow and ice, says Brøske.

Police don't want to comment on another search.

On April 11th and 12th, the police conducted new inspections on the property of the couple Hagen. Then they created barriers around the property, the neighboring property in Sloraveien 6 and down right to the water. Dogs were also used in the search.

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