Lost Woman (64) Last seen here


LIMITED: The missing 64-year-old woman was last seen outside the Mei & Moi salon in Storgate. (Photo: Per Arne Rennestraum)


SURVEY ACTION: Police mobilize volunteers for a survey in Osebro tonight. (Photo: Per Arne Rennestraum)

I'm looking

I'm looking: Soldiers Sondre Dahl. (Photo: Per Arne Rennestraum)


WANTED: Picture of the missing 64-year-old in Porsgrunn. Photo is published after consultation with relatives. (Photo: Private)

The police are looking for a demented woman in Porsgrunn (64).

Jon-Inge Hansen

Last: The woman was seen today, Monday, at 11 o'clock in the street where she lives. The police called on volunteers to look into the Osebro area on Monday evening. He suffers all night without any results. New watches will get in the morning to complicate the search.

– The woman was seen by a staff member in the skin care salon just outside the place where she lived. They greeted each other, "says Operations Manager Erik Gunnerød.

The cleaning lounge is Mei & Moi, in Storfata 187A.

Missing woman lives in a residential complex in Storgata 189.

"We are looking for the neighborhood where it was seen," says Sondre Dahl.

– Involvement of volunteer crews can be a volunteer crew entering the Osebakken garden, tricking the police (22.10)

Get home

Before it was the last safe sighting at her home, in an apartment in Osebro. There she went to home nursing on Saturday afternoon on 17.06.

She was also seen at the Coop Extra at the Porsgrunn Center on Saturday afternoon at 2.30pm.

The witness who saw her knows who is missing.

"He often goes to the city and is often at Coop Extra," says the family member of this woman.

– A woman lives in her own home in the center of Porsgrunn. When home was on Sunday, she was not home. We are now working on gathering information that can show us where to look, says Marius Knudsen in the southeastern police district.

A woman lives in the Osebro region and is often out and walking alone. Then it usually goes to the center, towards Down Town. Many may have seen her walking through the city, she believes in the family.

"But it's very unusual that she's gone for days, never before," says a family member.

You do not have a cell phone

The woman was missing relatives on Monday. She was also not at home when the police were on Monday afternoon.

On weekdays, a woman has a daily offer, but only on weekends is home care and family.

Search is disturbed by the fact that a woman does not bring her cell phone. Its motion can not be monitored electronically. The police must find it through mapping the circle of known and habits or using public opinion.

"All observations are interesting," says Knudsen.

Police description of a woman: It is small and slim, gray and probably wearing a dark purple windbreaker, a light blouse, light elf trousers and light running shoes.

The police stepped in with the image of this woman after consulting her relatives.

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