Man seriously wounded after the ATV accident in Akershus

A 30-year-old man who was found dead after an ATV crash in the Fet village in Akershus on Friday night is considered to be seriously injured.

The police were informed of the accident on Friday at 23.43.

The man was found lifeless, but he had breath and pulse when he was taken to the hospital after first aid rescued on the spot.

"He was unconscious when he arrived at the rescue service, and he was told that he had a breath and a pulse at some point, but he was not contacted when he was taken to hospital," says Atle Vesttorp, Operations Manager at the NTB Eastern District Police Station, .

Half an hour later, the police on Twitter reported that the man had serious injuries, including his head, but was not referred to as a life-threatening injury.

The police conducted an on-site investigation and conducted a blood test for the driver.

"Probably suspicious, and the prosecutor has ruled on a temporary driving license," said Operations Manager Fredrik Solbakken at the NTB at 5.50.

Then the man in the hospital was still being treated, and the operational manager did not know if he had come to consciousness.

The accident happened on the city road.

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