Manchester City profile for an indefinite period after knee surgery

Manchester City on its website confirms that Benjamin Mendy, 24, worked in Barcelona
On Wednesday.

The Frenchman became the starting point for the French team for matches against the Netherlands and Uruguay, but due to knee problems he had to leave. An examination with a doctor in Barcelona has shown that surgery is a must.

"The operation was completed on Wednesday night and everyone in Manchester City wants Benjamin to come back quickly," says City.

According to the PA, knee injury should not be linked to the serious injury Mendy suffered last season.
This time it is a meniscus problem and it is not yet clear how long the toy will be removed from the game. Most reports, however, suggest that this is just a matter of weeks.

Mendy is one of the important parts of Pep Guardiola's crew this season. Only Ryan Fraser of Bournemouth has more than Mendy's five servings in nine games.

The second knee was jealous, but the surgery went well and everything was good. He'll be back soon, people. In some matches, it's enough to find another Captain of his Fantasy team, Mendy writes in one Tweet,

With national matches on the program this week, City is not back in action before November 24 in a match against West Ham.

Mendy's injury is brought by Guardiola, who already has Kevin De Bruyne on the list of inaccessible players.

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