Northug needs the result of Beit. Klbo can help – Getting Started: FIS rules can destroy Northug's new plan

BEITOSTØLEN (Dagbladet): On Wednesday, Petter Northug said he was considering setting up before Christmas unless the body soon reacted.

However, they do not believe that the national team is staying. Emil Iversen, Finn Hågen Krogh, Arild Monsen, and Vidar Løfshus look much clearer about the possibilities of Mosvik Express than what Northugu himself expressed at the press conference.

In the next few weeks, it will be crucial for a cross-country train to gain continuity in the world of training and gradually build up some competitions. The plan is to start Friday 15 kilometers in the classic and Saturday freestyle press at Beitostølen as a clean training for Northug & # 39; s.

"On my part, the saint is just training, and I know I'm going far behind," Mosvik Express said yesterday.

But calmly, Northug can not take it. If not, he risks being denied participation in the FIS World Cup on the day he tries again. Soon Davos may be in spite of Northug's new plan. Arild Monsen explains to Dagbladet.

"We have agreed that Petter will be defeated by Kuusama. If the body is going to work in the future, it may be appropriate to go to the Davos World Cup to inform the training team of the Sprint Team.

Critical evaluation of FIS for Northug

But here the FIS can stop the return of the World Cup for Petter Northuga, who ranked as the 318th best cross-country ski jogger with 59.21 FIS points.

REQUIRES A RESULT: Petter Northug has a short time to get a sprint score that must be within the FIS requirement to enter the World Cup. Photo by Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet
REQUIRES RESULT: Petter Northug has a short time to get scores of sprinters that must be within the FIS requirement to go to the World Championships. Photo by Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet
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Still worse is the sprint with a total of 109.90 FIS points. It is important: The lower the FIS points, the better. For example, Johannes Høsflot Klæbo has 0.00 points in the FIS sprints. Northug is terribly wrong.

– In the FIS rankings you are ranked at number 318. Do you think it gives a good picture of your level now?

– That is right. Maybe I'm a bit too loud, says Petter Northug to Dagbladet in a characteristic way.

But that's no joke. In order to be allowed to go to the FIS World Cup, you must have a run of less than 120 FIS sprints in the last 12 months – or less than 60 FIS points in the crossing.

There Northug rescues within the gradient of the transition with a fertile 11th place 15 km classic in NM in Alta in April, has only two counts of sprinties over the past 12 months:

* The 20th place in the prologue at Norgescup in Norwegian Gålå on 25 November 2017 provided 92.02 FIS points. Then Northug in 9.9 seconds behind Riseth.

December 2, 2017 Mosvik Express No. 32 was in the Lillehammer Sprint pilot, 13.4 seconds behind Klæbo. That gave 77.06 points to the FIS.

FIS rules can destroy Northug

From athletes who did not achieve 120 FIS points in the sprints, ie the Magic Borders, we had firm names like Len Valjas and Renaud Jay, both of which were about 20 seconds behind.

In other words, about 20 seconds behind Beitostølen's winner Saturday will be the critical limit for Northug if Klæbo were to win a prologue. If another runner wins – with weaker FIS points than Klæbo – the number of seconds Northug may fall behind will be noticeably smaller.

BAD Outstanding: If Petter Northug succeeds in meeting the FIS request - which is usually going well, he will in any case be in an unfavorable situation with a bad shot on the day he will try again at the World Championship. Photo by Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet
BAD Discharge: If Petter Northug successfully enters the FIS request – which is usually going well, he will in any case be in an unfavorable situation with a bad start on the day he will try again at the World Championship. Photo by Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet
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All the time Klæbo has the lowest FIS points in the world in the sprint, for Northuga it will be more profitable for him to win and complete the computing base than one with higher FIS points.

However, this means that Petter Northug can not enter for a short period if it is to go to the World Cup as part of the FIS request.

A training trip – as reported by the 32-year-old – may be risky because he managed to achieve a good result in the Norwegian Cup before Worldcupcomeback.

Knife on the neck

32-year-old must have a good sprint score before December 2 if he is able to go for example at the Davos World Cup championship weekend.

He also confirms the director of Vidara Løfshuse's national team to Dagbladet.

"Petter must have run for the last twelve months with a sufficient number of FIS points to qualify for the FIS World Cup race, he has recently held Gålå," said Løfshus Dagbladet.

ADD UP: Ski poles met with the press in connection with the opening of the running season. There was, among others, Northug. Video: NTB Scanpix. Photo by Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet
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– But the next weekend will go away?

– Yes, after twelve months running, the sprint with enough FIS points, Petter must have new FIS points.

– Can she meet on Saturday in Beitostølen?

"Yes, I hope that Petter can solve it, that's a prologue, but I do not have any precise data on how fast it has to compare with the best," says Løfshus to Dagbladet.

– Approximately 20 seconds behind Klæbo, if he wins a prolog, seems to be a critical limit. Does that mean he can not go to the Sunday trip here and just think about training?

"No, that's what Petter says, and then he's getting the wrong time to get FIS points that are low enough to qualify for a world championship, recognizing the head of the national team.

Adverse seed

Northug has set the FIS request, and will still face a new challenge in the eventual return of the World Championship in sprint.

Then it wants to be used and must start long after popularity. It could cause worse conditions and a more difficult starting point for the advance from ancestor, which is quite tough in itself and counts all hundreds.

"Petter has a further disadvantage in the prologue due to a poor set-up and perhaps an unfavorable starting position, but I do not think so much I say," says Löfshus to Dagbladet.

Last time Northug was first in the FIS rankings, he was at the end of the 2013/14 season. In season 2016/17 he was 14-15 points FIS and remained one of the top ten cross country skiers in the world until the end of the season.

Since then, this case has been dramatic and now Northug has to deliver the results in Beitostølen or Norway to meet the FIS World Championship requirement.

"I hope Petter has enough FIS points, but I have to check it out," says Arint Monsen, a sprint country training team, Dagbladet.

He is not as negative about Severugo's chance as the protagonist himself.

– NORTHUGS SEEDED: Anna Haag took fifth place 10 kilometers classically. And it reveals the relationship between her husband, Emil Jönsson and Peter Northughem. Video: Lise Rafaelsen / Dagbladet
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"Petter trained nearly two weeks after leaving Val Senales home and tolerated it." We can not play emotions, but we have to have specific tests, we tested a test that shows Petter is not ready to go to Kuusamo, says Monsen.

– She speaks alone, but the door is not locked. If it works well in Beitostølen, it's nice to continue training on Monday.

– Is it recommended to go to the Lillehammer minitour?

"Petter has to show Gaal a bit, he will not be accepted without results, all runners must have a chance, but must be within the limits of reasoning." Petter will not go to Lillehammer unless he is competitive.

That's why Northug will strike at the Beito World Cup

World Cup races in Beitostølen on the second weekend in December are completely obsolete. For Dagbladet, Petter Northug explains why.

NORTHUG REAGER: The silver winner, Sergei Ustj, looked as if he did not want to be at the medal ceremony. After the official ceremony, the medal won a silver medal during the Lahti World Cup. Video: Lise Rafaelsen
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– It's tremil and relay. This does not apply to me because my condition is now. My hope springs. That's where I think I can have a chance. Speed ​​is still there, assures Petter Northug.

Monsen does not think that Northug will be published before Christmas, despite the fact that on Wednesday she was 32 years old.

"At least we did not talk about it. It's not my job to think about it.

– Do you perceive Petter as more positive than he said at a press conference?

"Yes, Petter does not turn around and is depressed every day, and he has a strong level in the last few sessions to a certain level, not being able to turn on when the big guys survive for seven to eight minutes, but they are good at a certain level, Monsen.

"Now Petter must be trained without stopping and winning some competitions, he's more important than ever, and he will not grow older." After spending our work, we slept a lot with Pet.

Løfshus shelves Northug

Monsen did not lose faith in Northuga.

"I think Petter can do some good runs in the middle. What makes me doubt is that he has to suffer and train completely" basic ", as he does every day in many other cross-country skier in Norway," says Romdalingen.

"In Val Senales, he had a bad stomach bubble because he was well on his way, then it took some time but then it was good, you realize that I can not be pessimistic, but I have to hope it will change.

Vidar Løfshus also did not surrender Northuga to the World Cup, although he sees that the situation is not very clear at the moment.

"I think Petter is very realistic because of the season, it's a battle against the clock to reach the usable physical level, asking if it is, but I do not think it will be before Christmas, no, if the season is bad, the danger that it may end in the spring, "says Löfshus Dagbladet.

– What is the brunt of the loss of Northug?

"In that case, we will lose one of the world's largest cross-country skiers, but we hope we will not get there.

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