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One-year-old who died: – Several questioned with the state as suspicion

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Police lawyer Eli Valheim, a state prosecutor responsible for a boy (1) after an accident at the Akasia Paradise Kindergarten in Bergen, says he is now investigating the case as a criminal case.

Immediately after an accident that occurred on Thursday, January 3, police said one year old had fallen out of the carriage – and was stuck with a belt around his neck.

The accident had to happen in the bedroom inside the kindergarten.

– I have a criminal thing

– It started as an investigation, but it has gradually become a criminal case. Several people are questioned. These were helpful defenders, says Valheim to Bergens Tidende.

– Can you say something about those who have the status of a suspect?

– I do not want to say if there are some people in the leadership or if they are employees.

– Is it a kindergarten that companies that you think might have done something wrong?

"I will not comment on it," says a police lawyer.

BT was given a name and was in contact with one of the defenders. The lawyer says he has no comment at this stage.

Reconstruction of the doll

On Tuesday, the so-called Technical Reconstruction of the Accident was carried out at the Bergen police.

A doll was used during the reconstruction. Two investigators from Kripos came to Bergen to help the rock police.

"I want to say that the reconstruction was instructive and that we now have a better understanding of what could have happened," Valheim said.

Torbjørn K. Sognefest late parents' attorney says that nothing suggests that there is any problem with the car.

Police lawyer Valheim will not say anything about what the rebuilding has shown. He says there will be several new in the future.

Chief of Akasie Ove-Christian Fredriksen says he is not informed that police are investigating an accident as a criminal matter.

"I was not investigating myself, and I did not hear anyone being questioned as a suspect," BT said.

– I do not know, and I do not want to comment yet. What I can say is that we contributed as much as possible to the investigation, among other things by providing the police with the information they wanted, including information about our routines.

After the accident, the kindergarten introduced a "sleeping patrol" where one employee should have permanent supervision of sleeping children – both inside and outside. In the enrollment report of the parent after the accident, it was stated that the kindergarten "has not yet registered the deviations from routines".

The Labor Inspectorate informs BT Wednesday that it does not supervise nursery school.

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