Over the palace in the derby in London runs the spurs

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Saturday's program includes six Premier League matches. There is a full round in the championship and there are a lot of matches in the FA Cup. There are also more interesting matches in other major European leagues where Borussia Dortmund meets Bayern Munich and Naples is in action against Jan. At home, Fredrikstad plays a promotional team against KFUM at home in the city.

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Crystal Palace – Tottenham (double / full time double) B / B – 2.65 (break for match at 18.25)

Crystal Palace went into the 2018-2019 season with great ambition but, as before Selhurst's park, they did not succeed.

The fact that Roy Hodgson caught up with The Eagles last year and that the club managed to keep the star of Wilfried Zaha was the reason why the optimism was great before the season, but neither Zaha nor Hodgson made expectations.

After a 1-3 strike against Chelsea last weekend, the Palace has six matches behind without a victory. The South London team now has only two points down to Huddersfield, which is below the distance zone.

Also on Saturday they meet the highest team. It's a bad news for Crystal Palace, which was miserable against the six best teams in the Premier League. He won only one of the last 18 Premier League matches against the top six teams.

At home in Selhurst Park they were terribly terrible. The Palace is not in five league matches this season and it is the worst home game since the 1997-1998 season. Now they meet the Tottenham team, which is in brilliant form.

Tottenham won five of the last six games in the Premier League and they got a mid-break when they won the PSV 0-1 2-1 in the Champions League. Harry Kane has scored both goals in this match and is a man to whom Palaces must pay much attention.

The course in the last sixth match for Spurs has scored an unbelievable 27 goals. If you are thinking of playing a coin, then it is worth knowing. On Saturday, he will probably have plenty of opportunities.

The palace never lost seven matches behind the same opponent, but I think it's happening on Saturday.

Spurs has won the last six games against the Premier League's London opponents and only scored one goal in six players. I think a team from northern London has received a new victory against the Palace Saturday.

Spurs led to a break and this season he won five of his seven away games. The palace has no form and has not played in the Premier League since mid-September.

1.75 in Tottenham is a little boring, and so I decided to bet that it would eventually break and win. Such a scenario gives a finfin of 2.65 in the course. The game ends in 1825.

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