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Plural for Strand in a referendum

Voters answered two questions:

1. Do you want to change the approved border adjustment?

Yes – 54 percent.

No – 38.8 percent.

Blank – 7.16 percent.

2. Do you want from the current situation that Forsand should go to: Strand / Sandnes?

Sandnes – 286 votes (42.68 percent).

Beach – 375 votes (55.97 percent).

Blank – 9 votes (1.34 percent).

There were 855 in total, 117 of them in Kolabygda. Participation was 78%. That means 670 voted.

The case is really solved – long ago. Storting has decided that Forsand and Sandnes will be merged from 2020 onwards.

At the same time, Kolabygda and Preikestolen will be transferred to Strand. Border adjustment was adopted by the Minister of Local Government in December.

Only Storting can change

Forsand-Mayor Bjarte S. Dagestad comments on the result of the referendum as follows:

– The case is set up on the City Council case map on 22 May. Then we'll take it from there. The current decision is that Forsand and Sandnes will be merged from 2020. Only Storting can reverse it, says Dagestad.

He read the results for a large group of Strand followers who were assembled in the hall.

– We have now decided that we should have a city council. No wonder most of them have changed the boundaries. It is pleasing to see. The other one shows it smoothly. There is no significant difference in the Forsand circuit. There are shared views. This time, commuting was in a different way than in the population survey. Now we will discuss the numbers in the group. , says Dagestad.

Rolf Magne Haukalid is a spokesman for seven people who are behind the referendum civic initiative to get the rest of Forsand to Strand. On the day of the election, Haukalid was tense and familiar with the stomach armor. Before the survey was closed, he hoped for a clear answer about the choice between Sandnes and Strand.

What now?

– I'm glad most of Forsandu's people want to go to the north side of the Strand. Only then can we still gather as we stand. Then I would like to have an even higher and clearer vote. I'm excited about what's ahead. I think we have to start the race here to try to reverse this process. But I'm glad we finally got what we thought. I hope we can now put this thing behind us as it is built. This was an abrasive process from end to end. People rent and there are some wounds, but I have a good faith that we will also be able to rise after this growth. There are people on both sides who need to clench each other and see each other in the eyes and apologize. Wirak said on December 10 that Forsand must now say what they want. Forsand said today. And when I'm waiting for Sandnes to continue and point to Strand as a way ahead of Forsand, says Rolf Magne Haukalid.

Roar Larsen and the Labor Party provided a majority for the referendum:

– Now we're going to spend these numbers. It is clear that the arc of sand is not satisfied with the way the village is divided. Quite clear majority will go to Strand. Sadly, we didn't do it three years ago. Now the arc was told. Then the council must. No one knows where it goes. However, it is clear what the inhabitants want. The great majority of the Strand, and if not, will cancel the border adjustment. I hope there will be peace in the village, says Roar Larsen.

Tore rapporteur Tore Hans Mikkelson notes that the result is in the clear interest of the Strand.

– This was important with the referendum because it gives the case legitimacy. Some are happy with the result, others are disappointed. It's a 13% difference and a clear result, he says.

Paul Løland (Sp)

– The result is very clear. It is good and I am very pleased with the result in Kolabygda. More than 70 percent said yes to Strand. They have a lot of dog, he says.

Ole Tom Guse (KrF) outlines the possible continuation of Strand supporters.

– People said they wanted to go to Strand. If the council thinks it's a good enough signal, and we fight bitter than people, and we get together, then we can do it in two ways. Either make a border adjustment or a municipal reform. One of the possibilities is to convene an extraordinary municipal council, send a case to the regional governor and then there is a great policy. Sandnes is sitting on the key, says Guse.

Someone stole Pulpit from us

On Lysefjord, Ida Berge Hovland is dating a girlfriend from Stavanger.

– I voted for Strand. Because we have a child on the road and we feel that Strand is a little closer than Sandnes, both in terms of geography, school, and health care. I have changed my mind. Before I was for Sandnes. Mostly due to the Høgsfjord ferry. When someone suddenly stole Pulpit, it was a game changer. Our identity has disappeared, says Ida Berge Hovland.

Change the majority

Most leaned back and forth several times.

In 2016, consulting firm Rambøll conducted a survey of citizenship in Forsand about the future urban structure. At that time, 300 residents were told their opinion of which village they thought Forsand should merge. The answers were divided as follows: Sandnes 50%, Strand 42%, Gjesdal 3%, Don't know: 5%.

In the same year, the number of votes was 9 – 8 for urban merger with Sandnes. Most of them were Law (3), List of Collections (3), Bygdalist (2) and Paul Løland from the Center. Just before the Storting treatment in June 2017, Løland (Sp) announced that he had changed his view on municipal reform. Thus, there was a majority for the merger with the Strand, but the Sandnes Wing prevented a decision to be made in the city council despite the misuse of municipal law. This was illegal according to District Governor Rogaland.

Most people have now also changed their eyes. Improper maneuvering of Sandnes's wing could affect mood. Another part of the explanation is that important assumptions have changed. First, Gjesdal was an alternative initially, secondly it was uncertain whether the Høgsfjord would be licensed for commercial operation, and thirdly, no one knew that Pulpit Rock would be transferred to Strand.

Last year there was a sign that the mood turned. In the referendum on border adjustment, only 126 voters voted in Kolabygda. Most 54.4 percent then voted for the northern side of Lysefjord, including Pulpit Rock, which is to be transferred to Strand.

What now?

Will the referendum have any meaning? Forsand succeeds Finnmark, who organized a referendum in the hope of avoiding merger with Troms County. 87% of the Finnmarkings invited did not vote for the merger. Without it, the government of Solberg turned.

A few months ago, the Ministry of Local Administration and Modernization announced that it was not appropriate to adopt new changes at the border with effect from 1.1.2020. The reason was that the work is time consuming.

The ministry pointed out that 43 municipal mergers and six county mergers were adopted, which will come into force on 1 January 2020. In addition, 16 municipal border adjustments and border controls were decided on the same day.


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