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RBK supporters had to get rid of the police – they were considering a review

HOME PUBLIC FUNCTION: Molde was able to please three goals and three points against an opponent in the Molde arc. Here, Magnus Wolff Eikrem rejoices 2–0. Photo: BJØRN S. DELEBEKK

Two followers of Rosenborg react strongly to the way the police treated them before they set off on Aker Stadium on Sunday.

Supporting Group Core and the Molde Police have agreed on some things:

At the age of twenty, two men from Kjernen had to enter the tent at the entrance to the stadium to enter Sunday's big game at Eliteserien.

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While twenty years have said they had to dress completely naked and proved they had nothing in their ass, the police told them they could keep their pants, but they looked at it.

– Nudity is absolutely wrong. That they had to stand there and show what they had … The only place we had naked visas in Norway is in Molde. It's strange and I'm not sure it's legal, says Kjernen's manager and spokesman Espen Viken of VG.

Dagbladet mentioned the matter first.

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Supporter was not present in the tent when the police investigated 20-year-olds. He has a description of the situation and portrays it VG. Bay says two supporters don't want to talk to VG about this thing.

– They had to undress. It's much slower than watching a boxer, it was almost affordable, says Viken.

LEADER IN CORE: Espen Viken is the leader and spokesman for RBK supporters. Photo: Private

The kernel had a board meeting on Monday night, where the matter was.

– We will contact legal expertise. We are considering this from our point of view if it is fine. This is an area for which we are not competent ourselves, says Viken.

He then considers the police report.

The security staff at the Aker stadium are responsible for the normal body search that is common in all stadiums in Norway for other fans.

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Press guards choose those who need to enter the tent for others without a body inspection.

OTHER MESSAGES: Two Rosenborg fans were searched through the body and inspected the boxer to enter Aker Stadium on Monday. Photo: BJØRN S. DELEBEKK / VG

Per Karstein Røv is the manager of the Molde police station. He was not present at the visit. She says they were brought to the tent and had to take off all the clothes – except for the underpants.

– They both didn't have to wear naked, but we looked at the boxer, says Røv on VG

– What you're looking for?

– It's pyro. We had several cases. But this time nothing was found, Røv answers.

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He got a version of the police officers about what happened in the tent and waits for a possible police report before looking at the case in more detail.

– They are the security workers in Molde who chose two people. I realize that it may be uncomfortable to be chosen, look for and look at the boxer, says Røv.

There was nothing to celebrate for Rosenborg fans in Molde. RBK Helland had no good after losing:

The head of the police station says that there is only one risky match in Molde this year and that it is a fight against Rosenborg.

– Then we have a completely different staff. It's like in European League matches.

Civilian and united police as a team in the center before the fight. Røv says they have a slightly different experience with Rosenborg's supporters.

– But most people are fine, says Røv VG.

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CEO Molde FK Øystein Neerland says VG doesn't know.

PS! Rosenborg meets Rørvik in the first round of the cup on Wednesday.

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