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Rows of Highly Pregnant Female Kristiansund

LONG TOUR: Women wearing a bunad expect to spend about five hours over the fjord. Photo: Ida Svendsen

Rotor over Talgsjøen from Smøla to Kristiansund will take about five hours. It should be done in a container that was last used to transport pregnant women in the 1920s.

– That's a sensation. In 1928, they were afraid to give birth in the middle of a fjord. We are now afraid that childbirth will take place during transport, explains VG, guerrilla leader Anja Cecilie Solvik.

To get past the fjord, a goat boat that Solvik last used to transport pregnant women more than 90 years ago.

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Norway received guerrilla Bunads

For several weeks, women in the bunada look at different places in Nordmøre to show their disgust at closing the maternity hospital in KristiansundThe collections on Eliteseriekamp and Bjønnahaugen are just two of the actions they have taken.

Now she and the others in the "guerrilla" fear that the dangerous birth will take place on the way to the maternity hospital in Molde. Especially she draws women from Smøla who, after closing, get 1.5 hours further to the maternity hospital.

Old Ship: The ship they use is heading for both ends and has been used to transport pregnant women through the fjord more than 90 years ago. Photo: Ida Svendsen

– With this closure of the Kristiansund maternity hospital, there are no compensatory measures, such as the Downstream Mother. There are currently two midwives covering the entire city of Nordmøre and working all year round, he says.

Solvik, on the other hand, says he is excited about the fact that almost the entire city is now following and is engaging.

– I'm so moved. It's so strong and raw.

COMMITMENTS: This is just one of the many actions they have taken. This was mainly aimed at women from Smøla who would get a much longer route without maternity hospital in Kristiansund. Photo: Ida Svendsen

They also now have a great belief that the decision should be changed so that the hospital is not closed.

He believes that the decision to close the hospital was made on the basis of incorrect numbers and incorrect information. Something that has also been confirmed by the director of the clinic at Helse Møre og Romsdal, Henrik Erdal, has become the local newspaper Tidens Krav.

– We believe we are so ugly that we can stop over Lake Talgis.

He thinks Health Minister Bent Hie (H) must act if nothing happens.

– We believe health authorities no longer have confidence in the people of Nordmøre. If they cannot gain confidence, Høye has to intervene and either remove the board or decide what to do, says Solvik.

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Bunaden is a political garment

Former CEO of Espen Remme in Møre og Romsdal Healthcare on March 11, told NTB that he would propose postponing the merger of the nursery departments into the Skekehuset Nordmøre og Romsdal.

– The decision to merge the parent department well before moving to the new hospital in Hjelset is still solid. In view of the situation that has evolved, in my opinion, health confidence should be pushing at that time, as it can affect our overall ability to provide healthy health services to the population.

Initially maternity hospitals will merge on August 31, 2019.

On Monday, April 29, the commission was informed that Espen Remme had resigned as CEO of Health Møre og Romsdal. Nils Kvernmo's Director of Management at Helse Midt-Norge will still be CEO.

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