Sturridge fought the FA for violating the rules of the game

Liverpool winger Daniel Sturridge (29) got to the top this fall, but now he can be punished for the old fun.

The English Football Association (FA) reports on Monday that Sturridge is now charged with violating federal rules on interpretation.

According to a press release, Daniel Sturridge has broken two connection rules in January.

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The 29-year-old player allegedly wrote the money for football, and he also provided inside information to a third person to be used for gambling.

This is ruled out in response to Liverpool, quoted by Sky Sports.

– Daniel fully cooperates with this case and assured the club that he will continue with him. Daniel also said he never lost money on football, Liverpool said in a press release.

The Scouser Club adds that the case is not yet commented on by its team before the FA is completed. Sturridge was given the deadline for Tuesday, 20 November, to provide a response to charges.

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