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The expert believes that RBK must assess Bjørnebyes' position

GET CRITICIAL: Stig Inge Sports Leader Bjørnebye presented Eirik Horneland as a coach three months ago. Photo: NTB scanpix

TRONDHEIM (VG) Eurosports Joacim Jonsson says Rosenborg's problems began long before Eirik Horneland was hired as a club coach.

– The situation in which they are now is largely caused Stig Inge BjørnebyeHe also said he was responsible for it. He is the chief of player logistics. He will ensure that Rosenborg has the best conditions in Norway. He's the one who brought the coach. And it is he who will make sure that Rosenborg has a team that is tailor-made for Horneland, but has not done it, says Jonsson for VG.

– So you think it doesn't help just remove Horneland as a coach?

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– No, they won't solve the problems. He must judge Bjørnebyes. It's Bjørnebye who sold Horneland aboard. If Horneland has to go, he has to take the consequences. Then Bjørnebye did a general job, says Jonsson, who was a sports manager at Fredrikstad.

EXPERT: Joacim Jonsson, here as a sports manager at Fredrikstad in 2011. Photo by Frode Hansen / VG

– You need to make a quick decision

Rosenborg is the last in the Elite series after five games. Zero victory and three losses did not scare any opponents, but for those involved the fear of long-term failure may be real.

Jonsson believes the board is now faced with an important decision: According to Swedish leaders, RBK leaders must either give Horneland and Bjørneby's sports leader several transition windows to build a new Rosenborg crew or get rid of both.

– They have to make a quick decision. Rosenborg will come to a temporary window in summer. He must stand up. Now they go out and support people in the east and west. In the future, it must be crystal clear and lay down a plan that contains concrete measures.

– Shouting for recovery

– What do you consider the main reason why Rosenborg is?

– It really comes from last year. In a way, it was Rosenborg who got gold on a half machine. Not impressed, it was a negative trend, but André Hansen had a wall in the goal – at the same time there were no other teams to win the show, says Jonsson before continuing:

– He was a player team that was coming down. It was a player team that shouted for change, renewal, and new blood to demand it, but they went almost to the new year without doing anything.

Critical gossip

Rosenborg Bent Skammelsrud does not want Bjørnebye to be removed, but agrees that the club did not resume.

– When you are on top and cruiser, then you don't have to have so many appointments. But maybe you should be on your feet. Experience shows that one must have a mix of all ages. One must have a new spirit to gain competition.

– Bjørnebye has the main responsibility for buying and selling. What do you think about work?

– You can question it. Now he finally showed up in the media. He is a sports leader and is also responsible for watching sports and alertness when things get better.

Bjørnebye will endure criticism

Bjørnebye is confronted with the criticism of Joacim Jonsson, who believes last year's career problems have begun with gaming logistics and that the team should be renewed.

– It's complicated. Player logistics goes to the market where you operate. We have a clear strategy along with the new coach. This is an important element that the new trainer must involve in its introduction. We have deliberately decided not to do anything more than we did in the previous window, says Bjørnebye and continues:

– We saw that we have top experience. So we have players we want to have fresh and shaped. We talked about it and we were together. The criticisms that come now are predictable. It is natural that it comes when the results are not. However, we work together internally and look ahead.

– Jonsson is also asking about your position. He believes that it is necessary to consider this with Horneland. How do you look at it?

– I think it's natural that expert commentators say it. It is also relatively predictably fast. They have a job where they can also look at people. The type of journalism is very individual. But we can tolerate that. We must endure such storms as we are now, and we must endure that people in other professional groups talk about us. There is no restriction on the way we work, that people think something and that the media writes about the work we do, says Bjørnebye, who said on Monday that he has confidence in Horneland:

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