The "Malcolm In The Midst" star occupied after the loss of his uncle and home

VOKSEN: Frankie Muniz on a press trip with Disney in August 2018.
VOKSEN: Frankie Muniz on a press trip with Disney in August 2018. Photo: ROBYN BECK / AFP


Frankie Muniz (32), known both from television series "Malcolm in the middle" and film Harald Zwart "Agent Cody Banks", lost his uncle and returned home last week. But now she is interested.

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She's a friend of Paige Price, who shared Monday's news in Instagram.

"When you are a little girl, you dream about getting married and dreaming about a variety of exclusive details, from relaxing to the clothes you are about to enter, to the music you will dance with your father. your dreams and will really surprise you, "he writes.

The price did not find out how the test was going, but he writes that Muniz is "the master of the Frisian" and that "he is crying ugly" so much that he can not even share the images of the incident.

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It was on Twitter, the former baby star Muniz told about a very tough week last week. He wrote that he had returned from the uncle's funeral, and suddenly found almost the entire four-story brick house under water.

"Everything she owns is broken, every wall, artwork, personal photo, furniture … Everything because my cat hit the jump randomly when we were gone."

The actor also thanked the friend of Page Price and wrote:

"Thank God for having Page Price help me, I would have been lost without it, it's so strong and just what I need."

Uncle Skip was buried in France, Muniz wrote, so he traveled 45 hours back and forth when he returned home to the flood.

"Yesterday and today I've been crying more than I've been crying for all my life, sorry to send it, I just needed some support." He writes on Twitter.

Muniz also has relations with Norway through director Harald Zwart, who received about NOK 20 million work on "Agent Cody Banks" in year 2003.

The award-winning TV series "Malcolm in the middle" or "Malcolm in the middle", as in Norwegian, has been on TV 2 since 2000 for many years.

Muniz was previously involved in Elycia Turnbow. They were so crazy that the police were convened on one occasion.

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