The man shot in Svolvær – ended up in the sea


The man in the 1950s was arrested in the night until Sunday after filming a regular man at Anker Brygge in Svolvær.

Release date: Updated: 10.11.18 06:56

The Nordland police issued a message Saturday night warning people not to go outside when armed action took place in Svolvær.

Then after 05:00, Fredd Leirvik, manager of Nordland, can tell what happened,

– 01.43 We were informed that shooting at the harbor in the center of Anker Brygge. The man was hit, he says.

He fell into the sea

According to witnesses, a man who shot a man in the 1950s had to leave the area.

– The man who was shot fell to the dock and then into the sea. At the same time, more fires were burned.

A rescue boat was near the place where a man had fallen.

"He quickly picked up the man who was hit in the leg and was transported to the hospital by helicopter.

At the same time, the police launched the main steps to find the perpetrator. Eventually they found him in the apartment he had. The opening ceremony took place without any drama, "VG said.

"We have received assistance from the negotiator in the Oslo Police Station, which is normal in such cases.

The detained are a 50-year-old man in the district. It is currently unclear what kind of connection exists between the perpetrator and the victim.

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