The new E39 bridge will be around for half an hour – and maybe 90 zones

The Norwegian public communications administration plans to develop the E39 right side. The new E39 trajectory will go under Utvikfjellet and intersect the Nordfjord with a bridge between Førh and Svarstad.

Brua gets a headache of 1555 meters and becomes 1760 high. Even the rough people will be about 240 meters tall.

It may take less weight

Brua becomes critical for cutting cowboys.

From Stryn to Byrkjelo it will take 23 minutes and from Innvik to Hornindal it will take 24 minutes. And the new road network will be approved for 90 zones. If it becomes 90 zone or not, it will be settled later and it is not possible to win with confidence as a zone, Ellen Slinde will win the shareholders of the Norwegian Public Road Administration.



In 2014, the government decided that the new E39 should go between Byrkjelo and Grodås, with a connection to Kvivsvegen in the north.

The Kommunedelplanen med konsekvensutbetalning will be issued on the right side in cooperation with the municipalities of Gloppen, Stryn and Hornindal. The lease period is from November 21, 2018 to January 21, 2019. The plan is intended for a political gathering in three municipalities in the spring.

"Obtaining a municipal plan on the right is a major milestone in the project," said Planning Director Ellen Njøs Slinde in Norwegian, adding that the acquisition of the approved plan is important as the area for the future road is seen as the basis for progress in the NTP process towards road financing. public road administration in a press release.


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