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In an interview with NRK on Saturday afternoon, Navy chief Nils-Andreas Stensønes may declare that KNM Helge Ingstad was eventually killed.

"We just had four on board with bulls secured, and they were on board to retrieve data from the navigation system and the ship's technology system, which we hand over to the Government's Disaster Commission to help them figure out what happened.

They were on a bridge where one third was under water. They did not cut the boat, according to Stensønes.

Four people were from the navy and returned to the ground at around 6 pm They were on board for a few minutes and should be shot. Records can not be released yet.

"He is not sure if someone is going on board on Sunday, most of the work is done from outside.

Frigate connected to the pot

BROWN RECEPTION: A third of the bridge is under water. However, four people arrived here Saturday afternoon.

Photo by Jakob Østheim / Armed Forces

They're afraid of damaging the ship

They are currently planning a recovery campaign that is supported by Norske Veritas, along with a storage company that carries out its own operations. There is always material to be used for rescue.

"We are not convinced when we can bring the ship back, we must know that we do not cause any more damage on the ship, so it's planned to be thorough," says Stensønes.

They are not sure they will be able to complete a rescue operation.

"In such a situation nothing is safe, but I am optimistic and I believe that we will succeed.

Six out of ten outlets are connected

He works day and night to secure the KNM "Helge Ingstad" after a collision with Sola TS night on Thursday.

On Saturday, six out of ten connected vaires, and the seventh must be on their way.

"When you have six sides, you consider the vessel to be relatively safe," Torilla Herland, head of the Navy Department, said on Saturday morning.

The next phase will tighten the wire.

"There is some uncertainty about what happens when the wire is tightened. It has to work slowly but surely to avoid more damage – or to reduce the container.

Work to secure the frigate

Night and day: Work continuously and secure the frigate.

Photo by Jakob Østheim / Armed Forces

Herland says the armed forces have too little information about what's inside the frigate. They do not know how much water is on board and where water is.

– Only when we can put people on board will we know more about how the container can be stored.

The army used tugs to prevent the frigate from sliding off the ground.

"We do not know what to do when we get under the tires

The armed forces will also send divers in the water and people aboard the frigate to check and assess the level of injury close.

"It will be the basis for the next phase that will save the frigate," says Herland.

Consideration of the possibilities of sealing the holes in the hull and lifting the frigate on the boat. If possible, a possible plan is to carry the frigate with the hook to protect the hook.

Frigate Helge Ingstad

SANK NESTEN: The KNM frigate, Helge Ingstad, was pushed to land so that it did not fall after the collision.

Photo by Jakob Østheim / Armed Forces

Herland, however, says that the amount of damage will have something to say about how the frigate can be stored.

"We need more alternative opportunities because we do not know what's going on when we get under the tires."

Defense on Friday assumed responsibility for the police crash site. Now the vessel Olav Tryggvasson coordinates, which is a command platform, operations.

There are also reservations for acute pollution, and the armed forces have an offshore patrol with a deputy leader who is prepared with countermeasures that can be implemented.

Sola TS sailed

While work in Øygarden is still ongoing, the Sola TS sailing boat sails further.

Two days after collision, the Tsakos Colombia ship corporation confirmed the shipping company S.A to NRK that the ship was sailing against Britain on Saturday morning.

Sola TS, who collided with the KNM frigate Helge Ingstad

SEEED: SOLA TS collided with a frigate night on Thursday. On Saturday morning, the tanker sailed to Great Britain.

Photo by Lasse Wallace / NRK

Armed forces work with frigates

The goal of the defense is to lift the frigate to the boat and transport it to Haakonsvern.

Photo by Jakob Østheim / Armed Forces

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