TV 2 moves another Skavlan broadcast on Saturday night

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Moves from Friday night to Saturday at 22:00.

After Friday's "Skavlan" TV 2 announces that the next weekend will be screened from Friday night to Saturday, November 17, at 22:00.

This is because the national football team of Norwegian National Football is playing international football against Slovenia on Friday night, TV broadcaster TV 2 Jan-Petter Dahl quoted Nettavisen.

Because the national match is also broadcast on TV 2, the channel decides to move Skavlan to Saturday.

"The skull comes in. We should dance on Saturday," says Dahl to Nettavisen.

Rate of failure

From the moment Skavlan moved from NRK to TV 2 this season, numbers have fallen on an otherwise popular program.

WINNER WINNER: Anne Lindmo won a battle against Fredrik Skavlan on Friday night.

Terje Pedersen
NTB scanpix

Talkshow king Fredrik Skavlan started with 440,000 viewers when the season began this fall, while last week only 238,000 was in the year. Then also with the weekly most spoken man, Krf Knut Arild Hareide in the chair.

"TV war" with Lindma, who is currently in the NRK on Friday night, has been still superior.

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A week ago, more than 583,000 spectators saw Linda's talk show before Skavlan had the same evening.

This corresponds to a market share of 59 percent and is 67,000 more viewers than the previous week. Then "Lindmo" had 754,000 viewers at NRK and a market share of 55.2 percent.

It does not rate Saturday

But Dahl emphasizes that the transition to Saturday night is not permanent.

– Would you be thinking about sending Skavlan on Saturdays if it turns out the numbers will rise next weekend?

"We did not think of anything, but it will be at the same time as it does in the fall, on Friday night," Dahl replies.

Marianne Massaiu is the head of the Media Director's Media Director, and believes that TV 2 should not rule out Saturday as the new broadcast day.

"There's a good opportunity for TV 2 to see what they can do on this path. If it's better, it's natural to make a permanent change," says Massaiu Nettavisen.

On Friday, she is sent to SVT

He says that the program next weekend will show SVT as usual on Friday nights.

DISTRIBUTES: Jan-Petter Dahl on TV 2.

Alex Iversen, TV 2

– We also sent Skål on TV 2 Sumo on Friday afternoon as we always do.

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"Do not you worry about even worse viewing of numbers when SVT sends the program the night before you?

– No, why should we? There is probably a limited number of Norwegians who are included in Swedish television, Dahl's answer.

Skavlan is economically well. When both Anne Lindmo and Fredrik Skavlan worked in the NRK, Skavlan served almost thirty times more than Lindmo.

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