Vehicle against Eiskrom passenger car –

At 15:55, the police reported that the Emergency Services issued a traffic accident at Fisk 662 at Eiskrom on the mainland Aukra after a collision between cargo and passenger cars. The person is stuck.

(Police turned to Twitter at Gauset camp in Molde, but neighbors reported on the spot that Eiskrem was right.)

At 16.15 the police said the rescue services were on site and began the release and treatment of the detainee. The person was transported to the hospital immediately after the hospital.

At 16.34, police told Rbnett that the trip was closed for a while in both directions.

– The truck is dangerous and hangs on the guard. The person who is stuck is released and receives treatment. He is aware of this, "says Per Åge Ferstad, Chief Operating Officer of Møre og Romsdal Police Station.

– This is a frontal collision. There was one person in every car, but we do not know about it at this time, "Ferstad said.

Romsdals has reported on the announcement that a special crane vehicle has been ordered from Vestnes to remove the vehicle.

There are 80 zones at the scene of the crash, but the operating center is not yet at risk of collision damage or exactly how the cars recover.

Cases are updated.

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