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1 of 4COLLECTION OF FIFTH: Carlisle Sienes (21) got into a dangerous area last week, but managed to switch to a Friday program. Tonight he impressed five VG reviewers.Trond Solberg, VG


Evening idol participants approached the VG reviewer.

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The evening theme for the participants is "Legends". Last Friday it was Anders Mowatt Haugland, who had to leave the program, Bergenseren felt disappointed after smoking, but he promised that it was just the beginning.

"Of course, I feel disappointed, but some have to smoke, and I have come to get the arena to take the first step in the process of becoming an artist, and I think I'm done," said Haugland last week, VG.

During the evening program, Tshawe Baqwa and Silje Larsen Borgan teamed up with Jan Fredrik Karlsen in the Referee Panel, replacing Gunnar Greve.

"It's very fun to sit here," says Jan Fredrik Karlsen.

– You'll light up

Carlisle Sienes (21) got into a dangerous zone last week but managed to move to a Friday program.

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Tonight he was on stage and distinguished Michael Jackson with the song "Human Nature." Serbia received five critics from the VG reviewer.

"Imagine making one of the biggest songs on the biggest pop icon in the world with such great self-esteem and tuning tunes as you did," says Silje Larsen Borgan on the 21st edition.

Today's other participant, Kristian Raanes (22), did not act on a working day Jan Fredrik Karlsen. Tshawe Baqwa, on his part, disagrees with his sympathy.

– Kristian! You'll shine, crinkle, he says.

VG tricks in four evening evening attendant by Vilde Skogen (20). After nightly appearance, Borgan sees 20 years in the first three.

"Tonight, Vilde, you have your best performance from the beginning," says Tshawe.

Casper Kuhlmann Kristensen (16) gets the first cubes of the evening three of the VG reviewer, something Judge Borgan disagrees with.

"It's not that bad, but as a singer it's not even strange or controlled enough to keep its place among the last five finalists," writes VG Marius Asp.

Judge Borgan disagrees.

"It's hard to expect you to be anything other than 16 years old. That was beautiful," says Borgan.

The VG continually updates with the dice of the evening. Check out the cubes of the evening here!

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