Volkswagen goes all-in in an electric car

Volkswagen warns Tuesday of a significant shift to electric cars.

The factory in the German city of Zwickau will become a clean power plant and will have a production capacity of 330,000 cars per year.

Launch of plnoelectric ID production. is estimated for November 2019.

– The start of production ID.1) in 12 months will mark the beginning of a new era for Volkswagen. It can be comparable when the first Bobl or the first golf comes, "said Thomas Ulbrich, Executive Director of Volkswagen Electric Mobility, in a press release.

Volkswagen invests approximately EUR 1.2 billion in the restructuring of the Zwickau plant (approximately 11.6 billion Norwegian crowns to today's rates). It plans to produce 1,500 cars per day by the end of 2021.

The goal of the automotive giant is to produce more than one million electric vehicles in the world in 2025 per year.

Global Network

According to Volkswagen, it is the first transformation of the whole factory from internal combustion engines to electric mobility in the world. Repositioning also represents the launch of a global production network based on a new modular electric platform (MEB). Battery system – a heart of ID. – Will be produced in Braunschweig.

The Kassel Factory is responsible for building the MEB power line. Salzgitter produces rotors and stators. Wolfsburg is responsible for ID development, while Dresden Electric Factory Factory is also involved in ID production.

Two MEB plants, which will start production only a few months after the pilot plant in Zwickau, are under construction in China. The MEB plant is also planned in the United States and others will follow.

The factory in Zwickau, which is about one and a half hours drive south of Leipzig, will also become a pilot in the field of automobile production regardless of the climate. The power plant was exclusively based on renewable sources in 2017.

In production ID.1), all production CO2 emissions per car giant will be reduced to a minimum, including energy-efficient batteries.

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