Workers associating transport and Commonwealth will merge

Head of Jørn Eggum in the federal federation and transport workers association, Lars Johnsen (NTF), on Friday signed a merger agreement recommending that the decision-making bodies of both federations approve next year.

"This merger empowers 160,000 ordinary workers, and even greater volume will increase academic, political and organizational influence," says Eggum NTB.

The Federation is the largest organization that organizes private sector workers.

– Huge changes

Johnsen believes that both organizations can better provide together than individually.

"The Norwegian sector, the transport sector and the business community are undergoing enormous changes, and it is our duty to be on board solutions that respond to challenges such as deregulation, social dumping and the borders of the country, and we should have a trade union that can shape the future of this country , we need to think about collective power and power, says Johnsen.

Landes next year

His federation will deal with the merger at an extraordinary national meeting on May 8 of next year, while the League will meet at a meeting in October 2019.

NTF was founded in 1896 and currently has about 20,000 members of transport and bus companies as well as port workers and truck owners.

The Federation participated in one of the most labor-intensive conflicts in Norway, as the dispute over port workers organized in NTF would have the advantage of unloading and loading in Norwegian ports. Port workers lost the so-called Case Holship to the Supreme Court in 2016.

The joint organization currently has approximately 140,000 employees in the industry, construction, hotel, restaurant and automotive industries. It was formed in 1988, when the Norwegian Iron and Steel Workers 'Union joined forces, the Norwegian Construction Workers' Union, and three other organizations. Since then, two new federations have arrived.

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