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– 45 + 2 & # 39; End of the first part. Why Chile is now home to 1-0 against Costa Rica.

– 45 + 1 & # 39; Junior Fernandés's weak header is not a problem for the goalkeeper in Costa Rica.

– 45 & # 39; Another minute is added to this first part.

– 40 & # 39; Chile felt the impact of the first goal and can not play clearly yet.

– 38 & # 39; Change in Chile, leaving Enzo Rocco for Lorenzo Reyes.

– 35 & COSTA RICA GOOOAAAL! Waston wins from the top of the corner of the kick, and before Vidal's unnecessary effort blows up Herrero's net.

– 32 & # 39; The new Campbell shot, which must be solved in an impressive way by Herrera.

– 29 & # 39; What was just lost McDonald after his hand was up against the arch of Chile and under pressure Pulgar to send his shot across the arch of Herrera.

– 26 & UFFFFFFFFFF! Almost the first to come to Chile after Paredes fails to score exactly from Junior Fernandes on the left.

– 25 & # 39; Chile continues to move the ball from side to side and tries to find space to attack Costa Rica.

– 21 & # 39; UFFFFFFFFFFF The goal of Costa Rica is to save Alexis Sánchez, who, on the verge of entering the goal, received the opponent's defense from the line.

– 19 & # 39; A great collective game Chile, ending in the center on the left for Arturo Vidal, who inconveniently nodded for the departure of goalkeeper Alvarada.

– 18 & # 39; Arturo Vidal fouls his rival opponent when Chile was in the offensive. Free kick in Costa Rica.

– 16 & # 39; Chile suffers in defense every time Costa Rica pushes the exit from the Reinaldo Rueda box.

– 15 & # 39; Junior Fernandes escapes his technical counterattack by Chile on Costa Rica. We are still 0-0

– 13 & # 39; Costa Rica returns to get a free shot of danger against a new lack of Thumb.

– 9 & # 39; Chile is looking over the Costa Rican region but the defense of "tika" has managed to eliminate the danger and the ball was hit by Arturo Vidal, who lay on the field.

– 8 & # 39; After a free kick has been awarded, the Referee shall not charge a seat in favor of Chile.

– 7 & # 39; Pulgar will knock Campbell near Chile and Costa Rica will get a free kick that can cause danger.

– 5 & # 39; McDonald scared Herrera's arc with a giant shot that moved very close to the Chilean target.

– 3 & # 39; It takes a long pass from Costa Rica to Campbell who is looking for a foul, but referee Delfino indicates that there is nothing.

– 2 & # 39; Chile begins to control the ball control game.

– It is a game! Chile and Costa Rica with 0-0 in the international friendly term FIFA.

– In memory of the Chilean artist Paco Molina, he remembers a minute of silence.

– The teams are on the pitch and the hymns ceremony begins.


XI Chile: Johnny Herrera, Mauricio Isla, Enzo Roco, Guillermo Maripan, Sebastian Vegas, Gary Medel, Erick Pulgar, Arturo Vidal, Junior Fernandes, Esteban Paredes and Alexis Sánchez.

XI Costa Rica: Esteban Alvarado, Ian Smith, Kendall Waston, Giarcarlo Gonzalez, Francisco Calvo, Ronaldo Matarrita, Celso Borges, Allan Cruz, Joel Campbell, Bryan Ruiz and Jonathan McDonald.


Chile and Costa Rica This Friday, November 16, at 19:15. (Peruvian Time) in an international friendly match of FIFA Date. The match will be played in El Teniente Codelco Stadium in Rancagua and will be transmitted by the Chilevision signal, while you will be able to watch all the incidents in the minute minute of Lí

The Chilean national team managed to win the last victory, but the new style that Reinaldo Rueda places, continues to convince the press and fans of "La Roja." The victory achieved through Mexico, with a score Nicolás Castillo in the last minutes of the game he cleared his face after the previous obstacles.

Recall that he previously drew draws against Poland (2-2) and South Korea (0-0), and was hit heavily Peru (3-0) The Chilean national team, now in front of its public, is trying to complete the correction of mistakes in the team, and thus come to a fine on Copa America Brasil 2019, looking for trichampionship.

A national team from Costa Rica is trying to get back to the trainer with a coach Ronald González, "Ticos" has a total of 9 games in a row without winning, winning 8 losses and draw. Poor results turned out to be the early retirement of the World Cup in Russia in 2018, where they won a draw in Switzerland (2-2).

It is worth mentioning that they will be the last friends with Ronald Gonzalez, since January 2019 will take over an experienced Argentine coach Gustavo MatosasIt will be the first match of Costa Rica on a tour of South America, because next Tuesday 20th November will face Peruvian selection in Arequipa.


XI Chile: Johnny Herrera; Mauricio Isla, Guillermo Maripan, Enzo Roco and Jean Beausejour; Gary Medel, Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sánchez; Ángelo Sagal, Esteban Paredes and Junior Fernandes.

XI Costa Rica: Esteban Alvarado; Gamboa, Gonzalez, Waston, Matarrit; Guzmán, Cruz, Ruiz, Oviedo; Ramirez and Campbell


Peru, Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador: 7.15 hrs.
United States: 7.15 (ET) / 4.15 (PT)
Honduras, Guatemala, R. Domincana, Salvador and Nicaragua: 6.15 hrs.
Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela and Puerto Rico: 8.15 hrs.
Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile: 9.15 hrs.
Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Portugal: 2.15 (next day)

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