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If until Thursday, November 15, private sector employers pay a fee for services ( CTS ) – are considered to be serious offenses under the applicable labor laws – will receive differentiated fines ranging from S / 456 to S / 93,375, Business Chamber in Lima (CCL ).

"If you do not submit the bill within five working days of the deposit (minor breach), employers will be fined with fines from S / 187 to S / 56,025," he said Víctor Zavala , Head of the CCL Legal Center.

The payment for this concept corresponds to the half year period from May to October 2018 without the right to an extension of falling working days.

The CCL noted that the weightings of the current working fines were approved by D.S. 015-2017-TR, taking into account the principles of proportionality and proportionality laid down in the Act on General Administrative Procedure – Act No. 27444.

"These are the three scales of differentiated fines applied by Sunafil, the first for micro-enterprises, the second for a small company and the third for medium and large companies (No Mype)," Zavala said.

Fines vary depending on whether it is a minor breach (do not provide a settlement form that shows how the CTS was calculated) and a serious violation (do not store CTS within a specified period).

Take into account
In addition to the sector to which the company belongs, the number of workers concerned is calculated on the basis of the ITU (S / 4 150 for 2018).

Fines for micro and small enterprises (Remype) must not exceed 1% of the net income earned in the previous accounting period from the generation of a control order in the same sanctioning procedure.

Here are details of minimum and maximum fines for minor and serious offenses associated with CTS, depending on whether they are micro, small and medium-sized businesses and large companies.

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