Decentralized 2019: FPF has plans to set up a tournament with first and second division teams AUDIO

Explained Víctor Villavicencio, general manager of the football league organizing committee RPP News and commented on some plans that Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) for Decentralized 2019, one of them is to create a mid-level tournament with teams First and Second division,

"We have made a proposal, we have a very challenging sports calendar, and we hope to create a simple tournament with the beginning and the end, and in the middle, they do everything possible to make an intermediate tournament and let them play teams First and Second division", He labeled Villavicencio in" Fútbol Como Cancha ".

Also a representative of the company FPF He added that the idea of ​​creating this championship is to decentralize football, and that the winner of this team can win a seat for Copa Sudamericana.

"The interim tournament would be played by all the first teams, and in the case of the second, they were the seven who were in the final group and the rest of the equipment will be analyzed," he added.

On the other hand Villavicencio said the reason why Decentralized He went from 16 to 18 teams. "The FIFA mission has evaluated the tournament, its system, and since then, the idea has begun so there are more clubs in the championship."

The Leader of the League also stated that the championship for the Decentralized 2020, there is no continuity of 18 teams, but it is clear that it will not go up to 20 shots.

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