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A few days ago there was a special screening for a few good luck on the tape Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39;, another big installment of Akira Toriyama. It happens not to be too discreet, because information is available Facebook of the whole plot. Even even the word about a post credit scene completely unveiled.

The security that Toei shared for the transmission of the film secretly because both the seiyuus characters and some Japanese journalists were invited was total and maximum so that no picture Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; so if you expect some, we have to tell you that this post is not for you.

On the other hand, we have to say that the information you are about to read was provided by Ken Xyro, one of the world's most respected sources Dragon Ball & # 39; which typically affects these types of Spoilers.

Without another move, we go: A POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING!

We will try to summarize as much as possible so that you do not empty the Spoilers and you have "voted" the whole movie. The film begins with the appearance of the Frieze on the planet Vegita, where it begins its plan with the genocide that is already known to all (the supernova explosion). This is where Bardock, Goku's father, appears, who has already "felt" what the tyrant has plotted.

It is also clear that the plan was to remove this planet by posing a threat to Frieze. Through "scouts", every fighter born with more than 2,000 power should be crushed. That was the case Broly and where King Vegeta, having learned about Frieze's own intentions, had an ego cross and sent him to the planet Vampa, followed by Paragus a few minutes before the planet Vegita exploded.

Then you see the pictures Goku we go and go through to this day, when everyone has lunch at Bulm House after a dragon ball tournament on one side; However, Goten and Trunks realized that one was missing and everyone here began their journey to the snowy place that was seen in the advances.

Once here, Goku feel the presence of someone very strong and yes, that's what you think, Broly, who just came to the place and it was not just him but also Frieza (remember that after the "tournament of power" he again gets his life and tries to kill Goku, Vegeta and all the beings that pose a threat to him Broly); However, Paragus sends his son into the fight against the "Z" fighters, and the tension of the film begins.

The fight is "live fire" and it is the first to fall Vegetawho could not do anything against the power Broly but Goku, with super sage blue, has a "anti-lane" against him. Frieza sees it and has a memory of how Goku has turned into a super sage number one in Namekuse, which Krillina exploded to make it because he wants to "kill two birds with one stone," decides to do the same and make the most of Broly. Sacrifice? His father, Paragus, whom Frieza coldly murders and gives 100% super-closure (yes, it does not mention at any moment that it is a legendary super sage or something like that).

Broly starts fighting Gok, leaves our beloved "warrior Z" lying on the ground, totally injured and defeated by what he thinks he is flying away. It is here that Piccolo appears and communicates telepathically with Goka to give him the encouragement that he needs at the moment. This is where our protagonist takes Vegetu and leaves where Piccolo is and how it happened what was the place Snow is transformed into total chaos of lava and explosions everywhere while Frieza is tortured by Broly himself.


Once with Piccolo, they went to where Kamisama, Bulma and others were thinking about how they could defeat Broly. Goku proposes a link. Vegeta totally refuses to act, but Bulma forces him to see why the prince approached, but it was a problem, they could not do it because the steps were not perfect.

In three cases Goku and Podravka tries to merge and it is not until the fourth when they get them; the first version of Goget's fat will be fat, the second one in the thin version, and the third in the intermediate product, which is not perfect in the end. In the fourth, the transformation will take place, and the famous and dear Goget will appear on the scene, which we know is about to fight.

As soon as it arrives, Frieza, which has turned into its "golden" form, runs on its ship and escapes from its place. It is here that the source states that "the dimensions are broken" (we still do not really understand what is being referred to) and start the final fight between Goget de Broly while everything in his path is destroyed.

Broly gets the maximum strength and gets out of control, and so surprises "The Warriors" who were in the Whis where they arrive to make the situation. Broly sees him and starts throwing blows to the left and right, avoiding the angel without problems until he smiles. Then, Gogeta he becomes Super Saiyan Blue and begins to take control of the fight and when he was about to start his last attack, Broly disappears.

Chelye (with whom she feels Broly from the time he met him on the planet Vampa), he managed to invoke Shenron and save the warrior by asking the dragon to teleport him back to his home planet after gathering the Dragon Ball and asking Shen Long for the long-awaited wish.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; ends with a picture of Frieze looking at the clarity of Shen Long, waiting for his wish, and wanting to be taller, though Kikono, one of his close and subordinate, tells him that in his second and third form, Mrazak nods his head to be in the final form.


Here comes the end of the film and the credits the audience will thank for attending the show but what no one expects is it Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; you have a post credit scene that we will tell you next.

In a particular portion of the tape, Goku mention "Broly he was not bad, he felt no evil ki and he was acting out of control over him ", and so he visits him on the planet where Broly is, and when they meet, Sayayin gives him the Bulma capsule, which he activates once, creates the whole house with enough food and talks with Broly, who remain as "friends" at the end and when he leaves the Whis, accepts himself as Sayayin and is named "Kakaroto."

On the other hand, consider the film's description Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; It has a certain amount of mistakes, and we've also stocked all the tape so you can enjoy the best way in the cinema.

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