Fire in Switzerland Switzerland LIVE: Firefighters go to Javier Prado speed train Fire at Deltron | Victory Company

Users reported a fire in Deltron's building next to the lab Chemical Switzerland in Paseo de la República, in La Victoria. The incident was inspected by the fire brigade and carried out the removal of dirt.


11:20 am The Fire Rescue Corps ensures that the fire does not fire. Support for 130 people was needed.

11:18 pm The incident was checked and the firefighters carried out the removal of dirt.

11:11 p.m. Firefighters also entered Chemistry Switzerland to continue to control the fire in the Deltron building.

11:08 pm Images of users by fire in the Deltron building. (Credits: @ paul_cm)

11:05 hrs. Fire in Lima: fire units continue to take care of the fire made in the Deltron building.

10:54. Earlier on July 7, 1991, a fire for a terrorist attack on the Hogar store was launched at the same site.

10:51 hrs. Fire in Lima: state that a fire would be a shortcut in the advertising light.

10:44 p.m. As people said near the site, the Deltron central warehouse hit the fire.

10:39 p.m. It is reported that in addition to the fire control on the floor there is only material damage. A spokesman for Deltron, former congressman Gustavo Pacheco, said there was no water.

10:19 p.m. Firefighters report that this is the fourth fire in the area since its construction.

10:16 p.m. Fire in Lima: Users send fire images [FOTO]

10:12 p.m. 27 fire units are in place, while fire consumes part of the fourth and fifth floors of the Deltron building.

9:58 pm There are about 15 Fire Brigade units to control the fire.

The fire It was around 9.20 am at night on the corner of the avenue with Rebagliati. Users reported a fire at the company's headquarters Chemical Switzerland, but it was the neighboring place the company was driving Deltron, focused on trade in technology products.

As the fire department showed, across the fourth floor of the building Deltron encounters flames. They add that no person was inside the structure. Fire was classified as Code 3.

Meanwhile, 27 fire brigades are in place, trying to burn a fire. As he states, this is the fourth fire what's going on in the building since its inception. Earlier on July 7, 1991, there was a terrorist attack on domestic commerce.

The Ministry of Interior He stressed the effective work of firefighters with respect to explosions.

According to Deltron, former congressman Gustav Pachec, there was no water on the site. However, the sources of the fire department stated that only sometimes the level was reduced.

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