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Foods that raise cholesterol and which you should avoid

cholesterol It is a large working horse of many people who are interested in a proper diet to keep this silent enemy in check. What is cholesterol? The United States National Library of Medicine explains through its Medline Plus medical portal that "cholesterol is a waxy and fat-like substance which is found in all cells of the body. The truth is, it's an element indispensable for our well-beingbecause it is involved in the production of hormones, vitamin D and other substances that help us digest food. In addition, the liver uses for bile productionthat allows us to assimilate nutrients and fats.

However, excess blood cholesterol can, as we all know, have disastrous consequences for health. You can quit without continuing accumulating in the walls of blood vessels, leading to atherosclerosis, which causes the narrowing of the artery or even its complete obstruction. Normally, this problem is unnoticed has no symptoms, but may have irreversible consequences. “Less blood flows through the arteries. As a result, the heart muscle cannot accept the blood or oxygen it needs. This can lead to chest pain (angina pectoris) or heart attack, ”Medline Plus explains.

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Photo: iStock.

Extra Cholesterol is divided into "two sides"Good and bad. What is the difference? As detailed by the Spanish Heart Foundation on its official website, we can talk about the following nuances:

  • bad cholesterol, by binding to low density lipoproteins (LDL), deposited in the artery wall and forming these harmful cholesterol clusters.

  • good cholesterolWhen bound to low density lipoproteins (HDL), it transports excess cholesterol back to the liver to be destroyed.

What causes cholesterol?

Almost everyone is clear on the shortest path to a significant increase in bad cholesterol. We're talking about a diet that's abundant saturated fat, processed foods, fried foods and industrial bakery, among others; lack of physical exercise and a sedentary lifestyle smokingthat reduces good cholesterol (HDL), especially in women, while increasing harmfulness (LDL).

Cholesterol enemies (and allies)

Focusing on the first of these causes, we will see that the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN) advises "to avoid foods that contain abundance in their own composition" fat damaging heart"What is it? It's easy to identify. So, according to your criteria, we have to" replace " whole dairy for centrifuged; butter for olive oil and fatty meat. t poor, low fat like a rabbit or chicken without skin. "Of course they would be out of question sausages, commercial fried foods and industrial bakery. Although we need to take care not only of what we eat, but also of how we do it.

"If you have doubts about how to cook to avoid cholesterol, it is advisable Low fat cooking methods as baked, grilled, grilled, microwave, roasted or stewed, exhibited in this foundation. In addition, we must try to include our high cholesterol diet diets, including:

It is important to bet on cooking in the oven, grilling, grilling or steaming

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