Inslito: rob ex to make presents and travel with your new girlfriend

A man who stole the data from his former girlfriend's credit card to pay for gifts to his new partners was arrested on October 5 at Gatwick Airport (London, United Kingdom) and prepared for a trip to Pars also funded at the expense of his former beloved, writes The Independent.

Angel Exford, the victim of fraud and Michael Fehsenfeld, had a brief romantic relationship about two months in the middle of this year. The couple separated after a night with a friend of Exford and her boyfriend.

On that occasion, Fehsenfeld claimed to have lost his wallet, so Exford agreed to lend him a card to pay for his local entrance, as well as food and drinks. "It was the last time I personally saw him," a woman wrote in her Twitter account, whose story, published to warn other potential victims of fraud, was already shared almost 12,000 times.

The following day, Fehsenfeld in his social networks revealed his weekend plans at a spa with another girl and blocked his ex.

Suspicious spending

About one month after this date, Exford, a South African citizen, began to record suspicious transactions in her bank account. In this way, the woman found that someone had made a card purchase for a total of £ 1,000. ($ 1,575), even without suspecting the identity of the thief.

Your friend then carefully read the bank statement where he found a trip to Paris for two people in the easyJet low cost airline, along with the relevant flight reservation code. When entering this information into the system area of ​​the company they found that the passengers were Michael Fehsenfeld and the companion.

Gifts and services paid

Bank fees include the purchase of flowers at home the same day that a new partner, Fehsenfeld, posted in her Instagram account a picture of a flower bouquet she had received from her boyfriend. The man also used his ex card to pay for parking, real estate taxes, subscriptions to pay TV channels and even a service that increases the amount of "likes" on Instagram.

With this evidence, Exford explained to his ex-boyfriend, and expressed his outrage at the way the man used it when he knew about his difficult personal situation: "I do not have a direct family in the UK, I depend on 100% and I have people in South Africa that I support economically. "

"My hard work is worth getting" like "," lament.

On October 22, Fehsenfeld was sentenced by Camberwell Green Court in London for a 26-week suspended jail for two years, 150 hours of community work, and paying a replacement to a former partner.

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