Instagram | Kendall Jenner: Hugo García Takes Suicide With Member Of The Kardashian Clan In The Revolve Awards | PHOTO Shop | TV | Faraddula

Hugo García traveled to the United States accompanied by his girlfriend Mafer last weekend to attend a prestigious event in Las Vegas, Revolve Awardswhere they coincided Kendall Jenner,

Hugo and Mafer Leave as guests at a prestigious gala event that bestows the best influences and bloggers in the world.

During the ceremony, Hugo García was lucky to meet a clan member Kardashian-Jenner and did not hesitate to upload a funny clip from his social encounter.

Through your account Instagram, member of "reality" "It's War", shared a short clip, where he can see when he enjoys a gala while smiles at the side Kendall Jenner

"And as the night goes by, Kendall Jenner"is a short legend that accompanies the shared video Hugo García in your official account Instagram,

In less than 24 hours, the clip was shared in Instagram from Hugo García exceeded 195,197 "Likes" and created split comments.

Some congratulate the actors for being in such an important event next door Kendall Jenner, while the other group criticizes that, next to the model he thought, he would have to remove the tongue.

It should be noted that Hugo García and Mafer Neyra shared through their accounts Instagram different revolver priced videos.

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