Juanpa Zurita, actor of the series Luis Miguel, in Lima at the "YouTubers" festival Photo 1 of 3 | Displays

This week, the largest YouTubers festival in the world returns to Peru! ENTEL MEDIA FEST is the only international festival in Latin America to represent a new generation of artists known as "YouTubers", "Social Artists", "Influencers", "Vloggers".

Born on YouTube channels and generating millions of followers, this event allows fans to cross the screen and meet celebrities from the internet, a unique meeting that personally meets their idols.

The Entel Media Fest will be held at the Jockey Club Nursery this Saturday, November 10, starting at 15:00. After the successful release of 2017, this year returns with new productions, new shows and new experiences.

There will be the creators of the most famous and popular digital content from various Spanish countries that connect the highest audience and are anger among young people of the digital age.

Juanpa Zurita, Dosogas, Luisito Comunica, La Bala, Paulette, Martinez Twins, Lolito, Mangel, Pautips and others are the guests who will gather hundreds of audiences in every year of this anticipated festival. All the actors will have their moment on stage, where they will act dynamically with the public and do what they do best: have fun.

Entel Media Fest presents a unique experience for young and family audiences. This event creates different spaces for interaction between the most important YouTube artists and their followers, who bring together major audiovisual content creators into segments of fiction, humor, music, games, big-screen vlogging.

Tickets are on sale at Wong Teleticket and Metro

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