Live: evening of the election and coronation of Sevoryta Colombia 2019 | NATIONAL COMPETITION COMPETITION 2018.

This tradition has been resumed this year by sending the Miss Colombia election and coronation in 2019 by Telecaribe.

At eight o'clock at night, the Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala Conference Center opened the press, locals and tourists to appreciate every detail of the festival.

26 candidates for the Colombia 2019 Señorita Colibia 2019 were invited to the competition, with an open space that filled color, folklore and joy. One by one they came out with a carefully black, full brightness, accompanied by a second layer of different samples.

Source: Opening of the National Beauty Competition

Carlos Calero and former Colombian Colombia 2011-2012, Daniela Álvarez, are in charge of celebrating a celebration that is expected and will be very anxious for all Colombians.

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