Wednesday , September 18 2019
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News DC: Madrid will watch 4 Liverpool players in Barcelona

Real Madrid after three famous seasons, he will not be personally present in the Champions League semi-final, but will live very close to the double continental duel. IN Barça-Liverpool, even, there will be several ambassadors to monitor network development.

Real Madrid it does not lose sight of what is happening in the transfer market. That is why it continues to comb and watch all kinds of possibilities to strengthen the team in the summer. IN LiverpoolMore specifically, there are 4 players who like a lot in the merengue entity. White team ambassadors confirmed their "ticket" so they could be curious about the development of the Nou camp.

Three of them will not surprise you. It's about his trident. One of the most suitable teams in Europe. Salah, Mané and Firmino as a white club. This does not mean that an offer is made for them. Zidane just asked Mané, Salahfor example, it will ask for a transfer request because of a bad relationship with Klopp (that's what they say in England) and Firmino It's a very tasty choice, another of Liverpool's franchise players.

The room in disagreement is Van Dijk It is the future of the defenders and it is already a reality. He was the most expensive defender in history and his numbers guarantee him. Real Madrid does not exclude the need to launch a guarantee center Ramos and Varane next season and dutch is an option. (Klopp mixes camp Nou and Barça)

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