Nutritional supplements that increase strength (and true secrecy)

At the moment there is plenty of debate about which nutritional supplements are indicated or are effective in developing muscle and strengthEspecially because it has become a very lucrative business activity in the field of sports, well focused on performance or purely aesthetic problems, although the importance of the muscle goes on because it is vitally important for health if one takes into account its occurrence in a variety of pathological or the need to push it in matters relating to functional capacity.

Therefore, it is important to try to illuminate which nutritional supplements are effective in the short and long term and which have no or even harmful effects, And that's what the University of Alcala (UAH) experts tried to do through an investigation 20 different types, among which are proteins, creatine, various vitamins, herbal supplements such as tribulus terrestris or other compounds such as glutamine or resveratrol.

Short-term and long-term results

And the results of the work, published in the "European Journal of Nutrition", come to an end only nitrates and caffeine show enough evidence to support your benefits to physical strength immediately after your and while Creatine, protein and omega 3 fatty acids have proven their long-term benefits, either to increase muscle mass in healthy people or to reduce their loss in elderly patients or in convalescence.

Among the nutritional supplements that are not supported by scientific evidence, they may highlight glutamine or resveratrol, while tribulus terretris, arginine or alpha-ketoglutarate may cause side effects if they are consumed in large doses.

Real Secret

"People want to increase muscle mass or strength it must strive to achieve this benefit of macronutrients (especially proteins) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) through adequate nutritionbefore you go to nutritional supplements. It is also important to realize the role of physical exercise (especially strength, ie weights) to increase muscle mass and strength in any population, including the elderly. Without that, we can not get much for the many add-ons we use, "he concludes Pedro L. Valenzuela, co-author of the study, in the Sinc reports.

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