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Oncologists call for increased prevention of increased lung cancer in women. Deia, news from Bizkaia

The Association for the Investigation of Lung Cancer in Women (ICAPEM) has asked the health authorities to strengthen prevention and anti-smoking policies in connection with an increase in lung cancer in women.

MADRID According to the latest report by the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), which was presented on 4 February for the celebration of the World Cancer Day, for the first time in Spain, pulmonary cancer in women has become the third in the incidence.

"Data from the latest SEOM report should be a warning shout for medical authorities before the phenomenon we have been warning about for years, as an increase in this tumor in women," said ICAPEM President Javier Castro.

At the age of four, lung cancer in women came from the fourth most common to third place, an increase associated with an increase in tobacco consumption among women. On the other hand, the incidence of lung cancer in men reflects a decreasing trend, along with the reduction in male smoking.

"Between 80% and 90% of lung tumors are related to smoking, and we now see the consequences of late women's inclusion in smoking, but if we do not react on time, our first-generation girls will be women whose lung cancer overcomes breast cancer as the most common cancer," Dr . De Castro.

A few years ago, remember that lung cancer in women hardly appeared in the list of the top ten most common tumors. At the moment, the organization insists that health authorities at both state and regional levels must be "stricter" in accordance with the anti-smoking law.

In addition, as a specialist has said, we need to strengthen and prevent smoking prevention policies, focusing on the youngest age, in which we know that adolescents and young people are included in smoking.

In general, the number of cancer cases in Spain has increased by 12% since 2015, especially among women, with a double increase compared to men (17.4% versus 8%). , 2% in men).

Despite recent advances in lung cancer, lung cancer remains the cause of higher mortality rates in both sexes (first in mortality analysis in men and second in female to mummy). In fact, lung cancer mortality in women increased by 6.4 percent compared to the last by SEOM.

"When we talk about lung cancer, we can not forget that we talk about it being easy to prevent the tumor and prevent these deaths from happening in our hands," concluded the President of ICAPEM.

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