Owner Tambo + has bought Oxxo.com.pe and Oxxo.pe | Economy Store

Fighting chain stores for convenience? Several social networking users said Friday that the local Web site of Mexican society Oxxo, which opened its first store in Peru several weeks ago, redirects to the company's web portal Tambo + (tambomas.pe), a Lindley practice chain.

According to Whoisnet.com, the web site search engine, "oxxo.pe" and "oxxo.com.pe" will appear on behalf of GREAT RETAIL S.A.C., a company that owns Tambo +.

Owner Tambo+ also appears as a manager of both sites and an email that will appear on a public portal because the person responsible for domain management is "[email protected]". Store Tambo + contacted him to know his attitude towards this.

In Peru, the entity is authorized to accredit Web Enhancement ".pe" – granted by the Worldwide Internet Assignment and Numbering Company (ICANN) – NIC.pe (www.punto.pe) that it manages Peruvian Scientific Network.

In this sense, any dispute over any ".pe" web domain is governed by ICANN's Guidelines for Unified Dispute Resolution.

Pursuant to the Policies Policy, it is determined that it resolves disputes arising out of the registration or use of domain names and the rights of third parties if the following circumstances arise:
► Trademarks registered in Peru over which the applicant has rights.
► Designation or designation of origin protected in Peru.
► Names of natural persons or pseudonyms that are publicly recognized in Peru.
Names of official bodies of central, regional or local government of Peru.
► Names registered in Peru's private registers of private institutions.

Christian Chavez, Baxel consultant's partner, told the newspaper that what happened to Oxxo's ".pe" web domains, acquired by GREAT RETAIL S.A.C., could qualify as anticompetitive behavior; but if the claim is filed, it must first be verified before a dispute settlement body in the Peruvian Scientific Network.

"If the domain is [de una página web] is completely open, someone can take it; and the same applies to the brand. But even if it can happen, in the case of competitors, you have to be very thin, because if you systematically register brands and web domains of similar names of competitors, you can say that it restricts it in terms of competition, "Chávez said.

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